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Alexis Allen 12-28-2012 01:44 AM

Soccer Shooting Drills for Kids
Hello Guys,

One-on-One Shooting: One-on-one shooting drills are a good way to determine which kids need extra work. Have the team form two lines roughly 5 yards apart, facing the goal. Instruct the first player in each line that you will roll the ball out, and whoever reaches it first can take a shot. The player who does not get to the ball first must play defense. Continue the drill until all of the players have had a turn. The drill will also help to determine which players are the fastest on the team.

Distance Shooting: Youth soccer drills for distance shooting will depend on the age of the child. For example, it does not make sense to have a child shoot from 30 yards away if he is 5 years old. The purpose of this drill is to prevent the child from over-dribbling the ball. Many youngsters have a tendency to dribble the ball all the way into the goal, which is not realistic as the level of competition increases. Teach kids how to properly shoot the ball from at least 5 yards away, or longer if they are able.

Opposite Foot Shooting: Many kids run around the ball to avoid using their weaker foot. Training a child to use both feet at an early age is essential for future soccer development. Have the kids line up roughly 10 yards from the goal. Tell them if they shoot the ball with the opposite foot and score, they can return to the back of the line. If a child misses a shot, give her one more chance and then have her stand off to the side. Continue the drill as time allows or until only one child is left.

Penalty Kicks: Penalty kicks are a necessary part of youth soccer training, even though rough play is not the norm. Have the kids line up, and place a ball on the penalty spot. Tell them each goal they make gets them another shot. Continue the drill until all of the children miss a shot. Make corrections to a player's kicking technique if necessary and be patient if the child has a hard time kicking the ball correctly.

Thanks and Regards
Alexis Allen

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