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I'm not anti-Kobe Shawn, that's laughable. He's just not NEARLY as good as Magic, West, or Jordan for that matter. The kid is 25 years old. I need more to see where I put him. Is Kobe in the top 3 today?...sure, without a doubt ( Duncan, mention of ringless players please, only winners here).

I " sneaked" Magic in because it pertained to the thread. Salley and Rose were debating who was better, MJ or Kobe. HE NEVER SAID THAT WHOEVER HE PICKED WAS THE GREATEST. And on several occassions, Salley has said Magic was the greatest, hence, I named him.


At the risk of sounding older then dirt ( although Tray and Tarkus will hopefully back me up on this one), your reasons for Jordan's greatness are weak and shallow. Google searches? How about who comes off of pick n' rolls the cleanest? Endorsements? How about who knows how to send his defender to drive to the hoop where a man will be there to block his shot?

And now I ask you younger guys who are going nuts on this topic the following...

Why in the world is ESPN and the media at large comparing Kobe to Jordan when it's so obvious that Jordan ( as of today) is clearly better then Kobe? Because Kobe hit a game winner last night? Because the media and ESPN need new blood to increase revenue? Because old school isn't cool and doesn't sell, but new school brings home the bacon? Hmmm...just consider that guys. See, us senior citizens have seen them all and rail against the " Johnny come latlelys" because we know better. Know you young guys should be able to see a little of what we talk about. You guys are old enough to see Jordan and Kobe, and now Kobe is allegedly better? Just keep that in mind when I (and the old guys) talk of your Bird's, Magic's, and Kareem's to name a few. If we don't speak of their glory, no one will, because they can't bring in the buck.

When you get old enough, you'll see the media creations and bias and learn to be smart on who and what you believe. That's why you have to go all the way back and give it up for the West's, Cousy's, and Russell's too.

One day, Jordan will be a relic, and someone must preserve his glory. Til that day comes, I have no need to hear of his greatness because I saw it firsthand.
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