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LOL, Buckeye....

It's my nature on threads not to try to be too heavy handed but with your questions, I can't deny it.

I think Kobe plays better D when he feels comfortable with who he's guarding. I really believe he doesn't put himself in positions against guys that will make him look bad. Regardless of how he stacks up against MJ, there's been no reason why he wouldn't consistently be All-Defensive First Team if he was that good. Since he hasn't, nuff said....

Other times, I agree he gambles for the big play & leaves everyone in a lurch.....Kenny Rogers...LOLOL

Aptly put.....& media creation is EXACTLY it & something I thought even the youngest could see but I guess I'm completely wrong on that. I knew this thread was started with an emotional outcry by a Kobe fan so I tried to handle it with an easy touch but's like they never saw either of them play.....
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