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For clarification...I consider Jordan the best of all-time.

And in regards to your response to my statements, make excellent points and there's always multiple perspectives to take when certain statements are made. Now while I may not entirely agree with your stance (the great thing about illegal defense was how confusing it could be at times), I think you've made a fine argument in favor of Jordan. We still have to wait to see what Bryant does with the remainder of his career before we can even begin to put him at the level of Jordan....but I'd say he has the potential to get'll depend if he's even playing ball in the next few years and whether or not he matures more as a basketball player...because that's what will have to happen if he is to be considered in a debate with MJ.

And outstanding points regarding Jordan the Marketing Tool. That is really his legacy...the media icon he was...greatest one we've ever seen by far. Practically everyone in the world knows who Michael Jordan is.

An interesting thought just popped into my head though...could David Beckham be a bigger sports media star/marketing tool than Jordan?
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