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Default Kobe vs Jordan

Mr. Michael Jordan is an ICON respected by many as the greatest basketball player to ever live! His legacy goes beyond his basketball skills, his athleticism, his fundamentals, his superlative smarts for the game and don't forget the soaring, gliding and magnificent dunks. On and off the court Air Jordan was simply brilliant. You didn't see Air Jordan's name in the newspaper being accused of raping someone! Mr. Air Jordan was undoubtedly the best in his era and many eras to come. Quotes by the great Bill Russell "You never got the sense that he took the night off"! Michael captivated us with his excellence for so many years’ night in and night out. He's done so many amazing things on the court that make a player like David Robinson say something like "you get the sense that Jordan has a little magic with him when he plays"! No one was a close second when Your Airiness reigned over the entire NBA. Quotes from Coach Chuck Daly "The man (Jordan) is literally embarrassing the LEAGUE”. Mr. Jordan lived up to the HYPE like no one has ever done before. His style, the bald head, the tongue sticking out, the baggie shorts, his walk and the shoes, which still out sell all currently active NBA player shoes, is just a small measure of his greatness and trend setting ability. You see its more than just scoring a lot of points and winning awards. Everyone wanted to market Mr. Jordan because he was GOLDEN. Mr. Jordan was the game’s greatest player ever even before he won any championship in the minds of many. And then after winning 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls proving that he was a team player and that he could make his teammates better sealed the deal and put all arguments to bed as to who’s the greatest basketball player to ever live. The amazing thing about Michael Jordan is that everyone knew he was going to get the ball in crunch time…and everyone knew he was going to do something breathtaking…and everyone knew that NO ONE could do anything…I said ANYTHING to stop it from happening! Air Jordan was "Captain" of his team and everyone followed his lead. Kobe followed Shaq's lead and now that there is no Shaq, Kobe is so lost and look average at times in the "NBA Finals"! He's finally accomplished something that Mr. Jordan has not, which is losing horribly in the NBA Finals. So embarrassing to lose so badly and not be able to do anything even on an individual level. Kobe Bryant is just a kid with talent. A lot of NBA players are similar to Air Jordan, but it stops ifs, ands, or buts about it. The End.
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