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Talking kobi is better

:thumbsup2:kobi is better than Mr.Jordan. There was too much media hype concerning jordan's play. The best player during the Jordan's era is Magic Johnson. How many scoring titles would the magic man have if he went after the scoring titles instead of the rings. A point guard at 6'9'' running a full court (show time). Jordan would never have as many scoring titles. No one remembers when he played all five positions when Kareem hurt his leg. Johnson was capable of averaging 30 plus points a game. Jordon could not guard magic. Wilt was head and shoulders above Jordan. The ultimate monster in his prime could out run most of the nba players. He would destroy Jordan just as he destroyed a young kareem during the bucks versus Lakers series back in 71.He blocked kareem's skyhook not once but twice which changed the game. Wilt was pass his prime. Don't forget Mr. Baylor or Dr. J. Kobi has learn what magic has done all those years in running showtime. Credit the great Boston Defense. They shut down the mvp Mr. james and they almost got kobi.
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