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Originally Posted by Shawndo View Post
Whats up Enoch! :wavey:
Welcome to the Board....

Great question! I initially became intrigued with basketball after watching MJ 'light it up' and was a Bulls fan until he retired. Then I lost all interest in the NBA until one day I saw that same spark coming from a young #8 on the Lakers (before Kobe/Shaq's first ring), and for me- the torch was passed.

Who's better? ..... man, that's tough.
The first and foremost point is that as it stands, Jordan has 6 Championships and Kobe has 3. Also, Jordan carried the Bulls almost singlehandedly while Kobe has been #2 to Shaq.
Kobe's career is (hopefully) far from over, so it remains to be seen if his fingers will be as decorated as Michael's when it's all said and done, but if you boil me down right now and ask me do I take MJ in his prime or Kobe in his prime, I say MJ.
Why? - all things considered, Michael is superior in his INFECTIOUS SPIRIT; the ability to inspire and light a fire under his teammates. Kobe has the same spirit, but keeps it more to himself.
Maybe that would change if he didn't play with Shaq... maybe we'll find out.

My main point is this....
MJ played his career above the rim & attacking the basket. He understood the concept of putting the pressure on the opponents D. Watch any Bull games & you'll see 3-4 defenders cheating on MJ cuz after him, there no one. Even with that kind of attention, he still consistently got to the rim. Hell, the Pistons had a defense expressly designed to stop him...The Jordan Rules.

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