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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
Weather won't be a big advantage to either team. The weather gets just as dicey at the Meadowlands as it does at Lambeau. The key will be whether or not the Giants can pressure Favre. Favre is still prone to bad INTs when he is constantly pressured. If the Giants can keep the heat on Favre the entire game they win otherwise the Pack wins.

The Giants offensive run has as much to do with Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs getting healthy on offense than anything else. The Giants are limiting the number of times Eli needs to step up and make a play and letting the running game dictate the tempo of the offense.
20 rushing attempts and 18 passing attempts, i'd say that's pretty even...

Jacobs and Bradshaw are going to have to combine for more than 88 yards on the ground if they want to beat Green Bay in that cold, wet weather.

I'm telling you, Bret Favre is used to playing in terrible weather conditions and Eli is not...

It's going to be an ugly scene in Green Bay... ugly game until the end...
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