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NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl 50

Sports PhotoThe favored Panthers look to win their first Super Bowl, with sentimental favorite Peyton Manning and the Broncos standing in the way. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the story, with special appearances by Madea, Marilyn Manson, and Ozzy Osbourne. Complete Story

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Looking Back at Preseason Rankings

Sports PhotoWith the NFL’s 2015 season one game from its conclusion, SC’s Brad Oremland reviews his preseason power rankings to see what was right and what was wrong. The Broncos in the Super Bowl was a hit, but Carolina at 7-9 was a clear miss. Complete Story

The DH in the NL? No. But Just Suppose…

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman joins in the fun in speculating who’d get the jobs if — big if, for now — the National League adopts the designated hitter at long last. Complete Story

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl 50 is just around the corner, so who you gonna call? Certainly not a gambling addiction hotline. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell presents the world’s most extensive Super Bowl proposition bet sheet (for entertainment purposes probably). Complete Story

Australian Open Review and Preview

Sports PhotoIf you missed what has happened the first week and a half of the Australian Open, SC’s Kevin Beane is here to fill you in and predict the winner of the men’s and women’s tournaments. He also introduces us to the few surprises left down under. Complete Story

Getting With It

Sports PhotoWe’ve all known what adding and subtracting can do since we were a child. But in the NBA, doing that simple task on one item could be the difference between history and misery. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into examples from the first half. Complete Story

Super Bowl 50 Preview

Sports PhotoAfter another Tom Brady/Peyton Manning thriller and an NFC blowout, the Super Bowl offers fans an appealing matchup of aging legend Peyton Manning and likely MVP Cam Newton. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the conference championships and predicts the winner of Super Bowl 50. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Conf. Championships

Sports PhotoPeyton Manning and Tom Brady face off again with the AFC championship at stake. In the NFC, the Panthers challenge the Cardinals in a rematch of last year’s playoff contest. Check out the predictions! Complete Story

Trading John Scott: NHL Shows Mean Side

Sports PhotoSC’s Louie Centanni wonders if the trade of John Scott from the Coyotes to the Canadiens was an example of the NHL taking too much power over its fans — and if the consequences should be John Scott’s. Complete Story

NFL 2015-16 Divisional Weekend

Sports PhotoRoad teams went 4-0 last weekend, but 0-4 this time around, as all the favorites advanced. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the games, including the crazy finish in Arizona, with predictions for the next round, plus: Danny Amendola’s dirty hit. Complete Story