Celebrating Sporting Achievements With a Cigar

Cigars are one of life's pleasures and rewards. In fact, one of the best times to smoke a cigar is to celebrate different achievements and occasions. This can be seen throughout tons of different sporting venues across the world. One of the first things that a lot professional athletes do to celebrate sporting achievements is to smoke a cigar. The cigar that athletes smoke is typically paired with either; beer or some other form of alcoholic beverage. Athletes from many sports do this because it is a great way to celebrate and enjoy a long and strenuous season. Because cigars help you relax due to the mix of tobacco and nicotine, it can be extremely satisfying smoking them after a major victory.

Below are just some of the famous athletes that have smoked a cigar to celebrate a huge achievement.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest basketball players ever, is a huge cigar enthusiast. He could always be found with a robust Cohiba cigar in his mouth. If you search for pictures on the Internet, you will likely find him popping champagne and lighting up his favorite cigar after a huge victorious moment in his career. In fact, after his first major championship celebration, he was photographed with his teammates doing exactly this. The picture is so popular that in 2014 he actually re-released a pair of shoes and a shirt commemorating this victorious moment. Not to mention, he also has the record for the largest cigar humidor ever built. This is easily the most famous and biggest star to ever smoke a cigar after a major accomplishment. Jordan continues to be a cigar lover long after his sporting career ended.

2. Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq is another one of the famous athletes that you can see celebrating a huge moment in sports with a nice big cigar. In fact, he even has his own cigar nowadays in the marketplace. You can see him smoking a cigar after he won his first championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. He could also be seen smoking cigars right after he won the championships with the Miami Heat. He is an avid cigar enthusiast and continues to smoke them as a sports broadcaster. He is certainly the biggest athlete to ever smoke a cigar in celebration.

3. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is another one of the famous athletes that can be seen celebrating a sporting achievement with a cigar. He celebrated with a cigar in the Olympics when team USA won the gold. He also celebrated with a cigar when the Lakers won the Championship with Shaq as his teammate.

4. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been known to smoke a cigar to celebrate his sporting achievements. Whenever he wins a race, you can see him puffing on a cigar and getting sprayed with champagne. He even has his own brand of cigars on the market.

5. Mike Ditka

The notorious Chicago Bear player and coach Mike Ditka is certainly a cigar aficionado. He celebrated every single Super Bowl win with his cigar. Even today as an ESPN commentator Mike Ditka has been seen with a stogie in his mouth. Ditka also has his own special edition cigar made by the well-known cigar manufacturer Camacho.

6. Jonathan Papelbon

After Papelbon's big 2004 World Series win with the Boston Red Sox, he could be seen storming onto the field with a cigar, goggles, and beer. He even was seen pouring the beer onto the championship trophy. This is a great example of how much fun it can be to celebrate with a nice cigar after a major accomplishment.

As you can see, there have been plenty of instances where athletes have been seen celebrating their sporting achievements with a cigar. Usually, the celebration is accompanied by either champagne, beer, or wine. It is clear why it is such a popular thing to do. A cigar is something that should be had and cherished. It is a treat that you can give yourself when you accomplish something great. What better way than to celebrate your accomplishments with a tasty cigar?

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The next time you achieve something great; consider grabbing a cigar to celebrate. It is literally one of the finest things in life.

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