Five NFL Bets That Are a Lock in 2016

They say that football is the most unpredictable sport in America. Well, it's true. With only 16 regular season games there is little room for error. Still there are more surprises than any other sport.

This award-winning site in the UK has made some bold predictions about the new season. So here we will present the five best predictions that you can turn into successful bets.

Best Team That Won't Make the Playoffs

This section includes several candidate teams that can qualify as one of the best, but ones that won't make the playoffs. The Bengals, for example. They have some of the best offensive and defensive lines, and have made the postseason for five straight years. They have shown steady growth too. But, despite that, they could be going out in the annual wild-card deadlock.

You can easily put your money on the Chargers not making the playoffs, too. They should narrowly miss out despite having enough quality.

Unlikely Team That Will Make the Playoffs

The team that should deliver on last year's dashed hopes are the Colts. With a healthy Andrew Luck back under center, you can put your money that they will be making the playoffs despite missing last year. They should be appreciably better this year compared to the last one.

If this bet doesn't sound too sure to you, a much safer bet would be the Ravens. They were injury-plagued last year which cost them losing close games. But this time they won't drop for sure, unless their key players fall injured again.


It would be smart to bet on Russell Wilson getting the Most Valuable Player award. If he is anything like last winter, he will be the MVP without a doubt.

Tom Brady may be in the combination for the MVP prize after losing his battle with Goodell. Maybe a consolation prize is waiting for him this year?

Aaron Rodgers was one of the favorites in joining his predecessor Brett Favre as a three-time MVP. But, considering he has had a mediocre start this season, the chances are very slim.

Steelers to Miss the Playoffs

This is a very bold prediction, yes. But, consider the money that you would get out of such a bet. It may not happen, but it definitely could. They are one injury away from disaster. If Brown or Roethlisberger miss the season, that's it for the Steelers.

Defensive Player of the Year

Aaron Donald finished second last year when he deserved to be crowned as the best. But, Donald will win this year. Watt opened the season hobbling and the Rams' young defensive tackle is now in a bigger media market. Put your money on Donald if you want to be bold.