Gambling Could Become Legal in the NBA

Sports gambling, in general, is considered quite rare when it comes to major professional sports leagues, especially in America. However, in what's considered to be a nationwide first, the NBA has actually requested for laws to be put in place that would culminate in the legalization of sports betting and gambling. This means that promotions such as the Bet365 signup bonus would be a more attractive prospect in the general scheme of things.

In what's considered to be a different approach, Dan Spillane, who is the associate counsel for the sports league urged for a proposed 50-state solution. It's no secret that this would make very big waves in both the professional sports industry as well as the gambling industry as a whole.

Moving from four states to 50

It's common knowledge that sports gambling technically isn't illegal in all 50 states. There are currently four states that legalize this type of gambling, with the most prominent (and the most popular) being Nevada. This is thanks in large part to Paspa or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which the NBA fully supported back in 1992. With the proposed new laws, the NBA tends to expand the blanket of sports gambling nationwide, which could provide a window of opportunity not just for the NBA but for other major American sports leagues to follow suit.

One of the catalysts for the change

Tim Donaghy, who was a referee for the NBA, was caught betting on the very games he officiated and pleaded guilty in 2007. The effect on the league cannot be underestimated, and to this day the NBA is on the lookout for those looking to try similar tactics. David Stern, who at the time was the commissioner of the league, said that legalizing betting in the NBA would make it much easier to track and catch people like Donaghy.

A mammoth profit

If ever the laws manage to be put in place, it would propel the profits of the NBA in ways they might never have experienced before. This is something that hasn't been done before in the U.S, and the floodgates that it might open could translate into a vast increase in overall revenue. It's a gutsy move and one that will no doubt influence other major American sports leagues.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em -- this is a quote that tends to ring true when sports gambling is involved. The more that this particular type of gambling is policed, the more people are drawn to it. Instead of continuing to fight it, the NBA hopes that they can make a profit. All things considered, they very likely will.

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