Horse Racing Tips

There's a wealth of information online when it comes to picking the winning horse, on any horse race, throughout most regions of the planet, too. But who do you trust and what needs to be considered when looking at a selection of horses?

There are many significant factors to consider, both at a preliminary stage of a horse race and leading up to the actual off. Some types will pick a horse months in advance, this is called an Antepost bet. These bets ensure you get a good price, the only downside is that if the horse you choose doesn't run you'll lose your original stake.

If you are not wishing to study the form yourself then you can always use a trusted online horse tipping website. A trusted site, that provides reviews and insight is The Winners Enclosure, who have a range of betting types available, as well as tips. Check out their latest daily horse racing tips by following the link.

If you choose to go down the route of using online tipsters then ensure you find a site that not only speculates and supports its own tips, but considers and writes about the many horse races that abound. Anyone serious in this game will write about horse racing daily, so seriously check out their website and online community.

If you do decide to go with your own knowledge then consider what the statisticians consider. Here's just a few variables; weather conditions, jockey, odds movement, course conditions, horse weight, and some pros will even be at the course to check on the horse, personally. Looking at weight, size, and how they are even walking.

There's a bigger picture to all this betting malarkey though, I mean think about it. If it was straight-forward and winners could be picked with some study, then we'd all be rich ... wouldn't we?

Odds are there for a reason after all, but even a horse with the lowest of odds doesn't always romp home. So, pick wisely. Many an experienced punter will advise you to check out the horse's rating. These are like a quality score and a top-level explanation as to how a horse's rating is derived can explained as simply; the higher the number of races won, the greater the horse's mark will be. There's also the handicap mark to consider, this is also a whole new chapter. But, for anyone serious about making an informed bet, this information has to be considered.

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