NBA Playoffs: Injuries Becoming Impactful

If you're looking for a sportsbook to bet on NBA playoffs, makes it simple for you do to so. That said, you might want to take it easy on your Golden State Warriors fetish. League MVP Stephen Curry is officially listed as questionable. He has said that his injured ankle and foot are feeling better, but the Warriors may hold him out just to be on the safe side. Curry missed Game 2 of the series against Houston, but Golden State still easily beat the Rockets 115-106.

The Warriors announced that an MRI exam on Curry's ankle showed nothing to be concerned about. "We'll see how he responds the next couple of days, and if he's not right, obviously being up 2-0 does give us more cushion if we decide to sit him," coach Steve Kerr told reporters. "But it will be based on his health - not the series score." Curry or no Curry, Houston is going to have to figure out a way to keep a hold of the ball after 43 turnovers in the first two games of the series. Talk about butter fingers.

On a related note, Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki will play through a knee injury against the Oklahoma Thunder. The injury occurred on the first play of the second game -- an 85-84 win for Dallas. An MRI test showed the bone bruise, but nothing beyond that. "I had it worked on a little bit and after the game, I was really stiff," Nowitzki told reporters. "Coming off the plane, I could barely walk anymore. There was some swelling, but it's feeling a lot better, moving around a little bit." So Warriors might bench Curry, but Nowitzki will play? Last time I checked, Germans were not tougher than Americans. What's the world coming to?

As for the Thunder, the only thing injured is their ego. They lost Game 2 at home to the online sportsbook underdog Dallas Mavericks after crushing them in Game 1. Kevin "The Return of" Durant shot worse than Ray Charles in a shooting range at night, going 7-of-33. Even coach Billy Donovan said that, "for a guy that's been as great a scorer as he has his entire career, for him to shoot the ball the way he did was really uncharacteristic." Maybe he is prepping for Space Jam 2?

The series is tied 1-1. At a sportsbook to be on NBA such as, the Oklahoma Thunder is the -420 favorite over the +335 Dallas Mavericks. As for the Golden State Warriors/Houston Rockets series, the former are favored -210 versus the +175 Rockets. The Warriors lead the series two games to nothing.