NFL Looking Into Giants’ Use of Walkie-Talkies

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, the NFL is currently investigating the New York Giants' sideline use of a walkie-talkie after beating the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14. According to a source informed of the league's plans, the handheld walkie-talkie was used during around 4-5 plays on an early fourth-quarter drive which ended in Victor Cruz being intercepted.

The move came as Ben McAdoo was handed the device to replace a malfunctioning communications headset, however, the league policy prevents coaches from using such devices during a game, according to an NFL spokesman. This is due to the fact that the coach would not be cut off from talking to the switch operator for the coach-to-player helmet communication system when the ball is snapped or when the play clock hits 15 seconds.

Breaking the Rules?

The walkie-talkie used by McAdoo was shown on air during the broadcast of Saturday Night Football on NBC, however, contrary to reports, no formal complaints were filed by rival team Dallas, the NFL spokesman stated. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones believes that the use of walkie-talkies did not eventually affect the outcome of the game, according to ESPN. And, quarterback Eli Manning confirmed to the New York Post that the entire communication game was shut down during the fourth quarter, saying that he "just wasn't getting anything" and "had to run to the sideline to get the plays." But, according to the Post, Manning went on to report that the communication system did eventually come back on, but he was unsure as to whether McAdoo was on the walkie-talkie or not.

Possible Outcomes

After working as offensive coordinator under former Giants coach Tom Coughlin for two seasons, McAdoo is currently in his first season as an NFL coach. At this point, there is no word on the possible potential disciplinary actions that he could face if it's found that he and his team broke rules during the week 14 victory. According to NBC Sports, the NFL may fine the Giants for the violation of team rules. However, the same site reported that the NFL has recently been quite inconsistent in the way that it handles rule violations, that there is "really no telling" what the league are likely to do about this latest issue. The NFL can probably expect their betting odds to drop, hopefully something that McAdoo understands better than Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp in the UK!

What Do the Rivals Think?

Although the NFL spokesman denied any formal complaints from the Cowboys, Stephen Jones clearly wasn't happy about the possible violation of the rules by the team that they lost to. Speaking to ESPN, Jones said that the team "doesn't comment on things like that," but he also went on to say that it was obvious what happened, and that his understanding was that the issue is being looked into and dealt with. According to NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya, it was the Giants' equipment manager who made the decision to have McAdoo use the walkie-talkie when his communication equipment went down. After using the backup helmet and trying to get it working, the manager soon realized that the only means of communication that the coach had with Eli Manning was through the walkie-talkie.

This is the second time in the space of two weeks that the Giants have been involved in a controversy. Also in Week 14, the Giants accused Pittsburgh of using deflated footballs during their 24-14 loss to the Steelers. So far, no news has been given regarding what the NFL will decide for the Giants following this latest report.