PureMicrogaming.com: Full Review and Analysis

Microgaming is a company that's hailed as one of the best developers of casino games and software today. The development company has been providing casino games to online operators for more than two decades, ever since 1994, during which they've earned a massive fan following.

PureMicrogaming.com is a resource site that it specifically aimed at this fanbase. This portal covers a wide range of topics related to the company, from the best casinos that offer their games to the latest promotions and updates from the developer.

If you belong to that group of people, you can keep reading for our full review and analysis of this portal. On the other hand, if you like to make your own conclusions, you can also click here and browse through the site yourself.

No Field Left Unexplored

A lot of times when you browse through different casino resource sites, you end up feeling that you can't really find what you came for. Most commonly, you'll find a list of bonuses and casinos, and perhaps a couple of FAQs or tips, but if you dig deeper you'll find plenty of things missing.

PureMicrogaming.com, on the other hand, goes a different way by focusing on more than Microgaming casinos. Here you'll find a variety of topics that are essential to every player, be it professional or amateur:

• Casinos
• Casino Reviews
• Casino Ratings ( with a whole variety of criteria)
• Casino tournaments
• Live casinos
• Mobile casinos
• Casino Bonuses (FAQs, tips and ratings)
• Guides to Microgaming's Innovations like Clear Play, Play Check, and Cash Check
• Microgaming games (tips, game FAQs, where to play them, and free demos)
• Progressive jackpots
• Current values
• History
• Game reviews
• Articles and news from Microgaming and the industry
• In-depth editorials

Writing Quality

If you're a more experienced player, you've surely stumbled upon a website or two that just feels "weak" when it comes to information. A lot of resource websites would rarely go beyond the most obvious points to dig deeper into things that really matter, but not PureMicrogaming.com, where being thorough is the norm and not a coincidence.

And not only does the writing staff cover all the fine print that you'll really need as a player, but they also do it in a way that's easy to follow and devoid of any unnecessary wording or meaningless adjectives that don't really hold water. In short, this is a portal that reads as it was done by experienced people in the industry, and not just those that only claim to do so.

Review System

One of the things that sets this site apart from many similar domains is that it has a unique and thorough review system. And no, it's not just a system that was built for the sake of validity, but one that was carefully designed to offer value for the players.

The rating system at PureMicrogaming.com was built on ten different criteria, each of which adds a specific amount of points to a casino they review. All points are then added together for a final sum which determines which of the five grades will be awarded to the casino.

This meticulous rating system together with the full transparency of the criteria provided by additional explanations is what gives PureMicrogaming.com credibility and value that not many can match.

In-Depth Look at Microgaming

True to its name and goal, PureMicrogaming.com is really a "complete" resource on all things Microgaming, from bonus offers and casinos to the company's highlights, history and beyond. And not only can players find the latest news and updates from the company, but they will also find in-depth editorials on a variety of topics related to Microgaming.

In fact, the only thing that's missing from the website is an insight into the business and financial aspects of the company. However, this doesn't have to be a con, as most players will probably not be interested in the work culture or annual revenue of the company.


In summary, if you're looking for a quality resource site on Microgaming, its casinos and games, PureMicrogaming.com is your go-to portal. In short, where this site excels is by offering the following:

• Extensive coverage on Microgaming's casino and games
• Deep breakdown of bonus offers
• Smooth performance and mobile-friendly design
• A unique and thorough rating system
• Regular news from the Microgaming world
• A great database on Microgaming slots and jackpots