Rodgers Injury Squashes Packers’ Dreams

Does anyone remember four years ago when a collarbone injury sidelined Aaron Rodgers only for him to return for the last game of the regular season and earn the Green Bay Packers a victory over Chicago?

Back then, Green Bay took the division title with a record of 8-7-1. That scenario will not play out again this season, which is unfortunate for the Packers. Their online betting odds to win Super Bowl do not look too good, and it is all because of that hit Rodgers took on Sunday afternoon, a hit that will most likely see him remain on the sidelines for the rest of the season.

And the Packers were so hopeful, what with their 4-1 record in five games. One assumes they were relatively confident in their stature as legitimate NFC contenders, at least for the first seven minutes of the Sunday game.

That broken collarbone cannot be underestimated. In the best case scenario, Rodgers won't be in play for two months, which means the Packers will have to do without him for the rest of the season.

Four years ago, the NFC North was abysmal. It wasn't that amazing that Green Bay managed to tackle the title. Things are not so fortunate this time around. The competition is strong, and without Rodgers, Green Bay's chances of sneaking into the postseason are practically non-existent.

That might sound like an exaggeration until you realize that Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL. The Packers have no chance of finding a worthwhile replacement for him, which means they might as well begin laying the foundation for 2018.

That might sound like a defeatist mentality, but it is also the reality. The Packers are looking to Brett Hundley to take over from Rodgers. There was some hype surrounding Brett when he was plucked out of UCLA a couple of years ago, and he isn't terrible.

Unfortunately, he has never proven to be anything more than a backup. He clearly didn't expect to take to the field on Sunday, and when he was put on the spot, his performance did not make Green Bay's future prospects look any brighter.

If Sunday was an audition, then Brett undoubtedly failed. Sure, the situation was a challenge, but Brett needed to assure Green Bay fans that he could carry the team for the rest of the season and that is the opposite of what he did.

Now, maybe there's hope in the Packers signing a replacement of Rodgers' caliber. The chance is small, but it isn't non-existent. People will soon start shouting Colin Kaepernick's name, but he has not played a professional game since the end of 2016.

For all the potential Colin brings to the table, it would take the Packers quite some time to get him ready. The Packers do not have that time. They need an athlete that is ready to go right now.

What if they could entice Tony Romo back onto the field? That would be the talk of the town for weeks. Though, like Colin, Romo hasn't played in quite a while, which means it would take time to get him ready for the field.

There are no easy answers for Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers' collarbone injury might have just squashed their dreams for this season.

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