Seven In-Play Betting Tips For NHL Season

The NHL has hit the ice for the 2015-16 season, and with it comes a flurry of excitement and a stack of betting opportunities. One of the best ways to get a slice of the action is with live in-play betting, which lets you place your wagers even after the puck is in play.

Odds change in real time, so this is a fast paced form of betting that really puts your skills and decision making to the test. But before you take a shot at NHL live betting, here are a few important tips that are definitely worth knowing.

Know the rules.

Just as with any sport, it is vitally important that you have a good understanding of the NHL rules. Although this is always true for sports betting, it goes twice when it comes to live betting. This is because you need to understand the reasons behind every foul, penalty and referee judgment as it happens, because these can all have an affect on how you bet. Ice hockey is a fast and furious game so make sure you wrap your head around the rulebook before you put your money on the line.

Do plenty of research.

As well as getting to grips with the rules, you should also take the time to research the teams and players. Read up on the latest sports news and take any injuries or transfers into consideration. The adrenaline-fueled set up of the game means that there are bound to be a fair share of injuries, so you should know how all the players in the team perform. You can't count on a star player leading the game to victory. Try to find out each player's strengths, weaknesses and past performances, because a switch up on the rink could shake up the live betting odds completely.

Don't get stuck on your favorites.

With live sports betting, it can feel like a safe option to stick to the team you know and love. This can be a big mistake though. If all the information is telling you to back a rival team, you need to let go of your loyalties and put your money behind the right players. As the NHL season unfolds, favorites will change and the most popular teams and players will receive a flood of bets. You should understand though that some of the less popular teams will provide you with the highest odds. Higher risks mean bigger rewards and if you feel confident enough, you shouldn't be afraid of wagering on these less popular teams.

Watch the action before you bet.

You may already have an idea of who will take the lead in a game, but the events on the ice can quickly unravel your pre-game presumptions. That's why you should stay glued to your screen and watch closely before you place your bet. Another advantage of live betting is that you can get an idea of the team's mentality before you make a wager. If you understand the mentality behind the players, you can more easily predict their tactics, for example, a team trailing behind on goals near the end of the game is likely to replace their goalie with an attacker. If you know these tactics and the thought process behind them, you can adjust your wagers accordingly to give you the best chance of a pay out.

Take advantage of hedging opportunities.

A hedge is a good tactical move and one that can be vital in live sports betting. It is when you place a wager in opposition to your original or pre-game wager, therefore reducing your exposure and losses. Hedging opportunities can help to guarantee yourself winnings and even give you the chance to win twice. Check on the updated intermission odds and, if you feel it's the right move, take the expanded price on your opposition team to guarantee yourself a profit.

Keep a close eye on the live betting odds.

Before the game even starts, you should take some time to understand how different sportsbooks are offering their NHL live betting. Some will only accept bets during the first and second intermissions, with live odds available on the moneyline, puckline and total. Other sportsbook, like the Bet 365 live betting, will allow punters to bet during play, but will only accept your bet after a slight delay in case the odds significantly change in that time. So whether you're playing with the Paddy Power live betting or the Guts live sports betting platform, you need to know when and how you can bet live during the NHL. Then it is a simple case of keeping up to date and checking the changes in odds before you make any bets.

Avoid getting too caught up in the action.

The lightening fast action and fast changing odds can put a lot of pressure on bettors. If it looks as though you're going to lose on your initial wager, then it is worth placing another bet. Similarly, if your favorites look set for victory, then you can be tempted to increase your stake. Whatever you do though, you need to think fast. This can mean that you end up getting so caught up, making knee-jerk decisions and losing a whole heap of money. In order to avoid this happening, you need to stay calm, think rationally, and be prepared for all possibilities. You should also decide on a total amount you can wager during the game, so you don't end up skating on thin ice with your finances.

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