Sports Bets You Should Know About

No matter which sport you're betting on, or whether you're using some football tips to place your bets or not, it is important that you know the various bet types inside out, to be able to alter your strategy, as and when you need. Let's take you through some of the popular types of sports bets you should know about.

Live or In-Play Bets

These bets are the same as the conventional kinds wherein the odds are fixed. However, where these differ from them is the timing of the bet placement. While in conventional sports betting, all wagers must be placed prior to the start of the event, in case of live betting, wagers are placed when the event is already on. It opens up a wide range of opportunities for punters, as you get a better handle on the situation. Hence, these have proven to be immensely popular among the sports bettors.

Exchange Bets

These bets also feature fixed odds, but without the involvement of any bookmaker. Rather, they involve two different parties settling on a wager against each other. While one party backs a certain selection, the other one lays that selection. As a result, the person laying the selection acts as a bookmaker, offering the other fixed odds on that selection. In case the backer's selection wins, the person laying the bet pays him/her at the pre-agreed odds. If it's otherwise, the layer of the selection takes home the bet amount. Although these bets may seem complicated on surface, they actually are not.

Spread Bets

Unlike the two bet types discussed above, spread bets don't feature any fixed odds, and a bet doesn't simply lose or win. You have to correctly predict if the actual score of the concerned sports event will be lower or higher than the spread posted by the bookmaker. Your winnings are determined by how low or high the actual score turns out to be, compared to the figure set by the bookmaker.

Pari-Mutuel Bets

Mostly used for betting on horse races, pari-mutel bets are sometimes used in other sports too. It's another kind of bet wherein the bookmaker is removed from the equation. Furthermore, there are no odds in these bet types either. For every betting market, all the sports bettors' stakes are collected in a pool. And once the event concludes, everyone who had backed the winning selection is paid out his/her share from that pool. Everyone's share is calculated based on the amount he/she had bet, and the number of people who had backed that winning selection.

E-Sports Bets

Quite similar to the conventional fixed odd bets, there is only one major difference between them, which is that they e-sports bets don't involve any real or traditional sports. Rather, people indulging in e-sports betting place wagers on the competitive video games. Although these competitive video games have been around for several decades now, it wasn't until some time ago that they caught the attention of sports bettors. Whether these games really deserve any betting action or not is something always up for debate, but it can't be denied there are plenty of people who actively bet on them.

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