Super Bowl LII Bets

There are now more than 900 prop bets available on Super Bowl LII and the American Gaming Association estimates a record $5 billion will be wagered. The growing list of special bets ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, with everything in between, and it certainly adds a bit more spice to the big game. Here we break down the good, the bad, and the crazy when it comes to NFL prop bets ahead of this Sunday's Super Bowl meeting between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Good

One prop bet that looks really enticing surrounds LeGarrette Blount's total rushing yards. You can get -128 on him to go under 28.5 and that looks great as he has only averaged 20 yards during the playoffs. In the past seven weeks, he has only exceeded 28.5 in one game, and that was when Jay Ajayi was rested in Week 17.

Another interesting option is on Eagles' QB Nick Foles failing to complete his first pass at +200. The Eagles were widely written off after Carson Wentz's injury, but keep defying the odds, and Foles has performed valiantly after stepping into those giant shoes. However, he has only completed 56% of his passes this season and he will be under a great deal of pressure in this game, so he could struggle early on.

You can also get -109 on under 48 points in the game, which looks like an amazing option as the Eagles only allowed 18.4 points against them on average in the regular season and the Pats allowed a mere 18.5, while both defenses have been solid in the playoffs.

The Bad

Many fans will bet on whether the coin toss will result in heads or tails, and this seems like a pointless endeavor, particularly as both options are below evens. Another popular prop bet focuses on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach, with clear the +200 favorite, followed by green/yellow and then red. Last year, this resulted in an inconclusive scratch and it seems a waste of time.

The Crazy

You can also bet on the color of Bill Belichick's shirt and blue looks like an interesting one at +102. The New England coach is a superstitious type and has won blue for the Pats' last two Super Bowl victories, so he may stick with it. Justin Timberlake is handling the half-time entertainment and you can get +1500 on another wardrobe malfunction taking place. That seems tempting, but it specifies that an intimate body part must be revealed, and Timberlake is unlikely to risk the sort of controversy that surrounded his performance with Janet Jackson back in 2004.

You can take -157 on him not wearing a hat to start the show, and that looks a good bet as it would be likely to get in the way of his dance routine. One of the prop bets that always gains the most attention is how long it will take the singer to complete the National Anthem. Luke Bryan prolonged it for two minutes and four seconds last year, Lady Gaga warbled on for two minutes nine seconds the year before that, and Idina Menzel's rendition took two minutes four seconds in 2015.

Over two minutes therefore looks like a sensible option at -140, particularly as the all time average is two minutes and 19 seconds. She is -200 not to be airborne at any point during the anthem and that also looks like a great bet. Another interesting prop bet is the number of times Carson Wentz will be mentioned during the broadcast, and over 3.5 looks great. Donald Trump to send over five Tweets during the game at -140 also looks like money in the bank.

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