The Five Best Sports Fan Apps

This is the best age to live in for any sport fan. With all the high quality 4K channels, hundreds of sites with extensive reports and analyses on latest games, and thousands of YouTube videos that let you reminisce your favorite moments in a season, one can never complain about missing a good sports "fix" nowadays.

With such a remarkable technological advance, it was logical that the next step for both the media and the fervid sport fan would be filling smartphones with that same dose of sport coverage we all desperately need on a daily basis. Luckily, that leap into the mobile domain was boldly taken and taken well, as there are so many quality apps around that you are really spoiled for choice.

In fact, sport apps have become so many and popular that their downloads currently surpass even casino apps which have for so long held a firm grip on the app market, and that speaks volumes of how great they are. If you don't believe it, just think about all the multi-million dollar progressive jackpots lurking around mobile casinos and you'll get a clear idea of how much effort went into making these apps.

However, as good as a wide selection is, there's always a good chance of being overwhelmed up to a point of locking your phone screen and turning on your laptop. To avoid such frustrations, here are the top five apps in the app store that every sport fan must try.

Team Stream

Team Stream is the official app from Bleacher Report that instantly wins you over with its colors, design and practicality. Just like other top sports apps, you can customize Team Stream to give you the latest information on teams you choose and the app will source them from a variety of websites, sport blogs, and papers. This means that you'll always get fast news, statistics, videos, and photos from your favorite teams at the NBA, NHL, NCAA, MLB, as well as the best European soccer leagues. And by fast we mean really fast, as the app has one of the quickest notification systems around.

Yahoo! Sports

Hearing the name Yahoo! might be as exciting as hearing Google, but you can't argue that they don't have an informative sport section. Well, the same can be said for their app, which puts all of Yahoo!'s sport news feed, scores and stats into a well designed mobile app. Just like with other top apps, Yahoo! sports lets you set notifications for any team you want so you can always have fresh stats to pick at. You can also dig through any info from previous games and kill some commuting time by giving the stat nerd in you what he needs.

The Score

The Score, as the name suggests, is all about keeping track on the latest statistics, but the app also lets you stay updated with the latest sport news. You can take a look in the calendar for any upcoming NBA, MLB, NCAA, and NFL games and customize the settings to get only the statistics you need during and after the game. There is just so much data that'll keep even the pickiest of fans happy, with play-by-play analyses, scores, player stats and summaries available on tap, in real time, whenever you feel like it. It's no wonder the app was often listed among many app charts by a number of websites.


You might have already tried it under its old name SportsCenter, but ESPN's app is just one of those apps that you'll regret not installing when the season starts. ESPN's satellite channel and website have set their own standard in sport coverage, offering fast sport news and extensive information on any sport you need. Well, their app is no different, either, as it takes the best from the website and puts it in a compact format that'll fit in your front pocket. The app is very easy to use, runs very smoothly, and you can customize it to give you your own news feed made up of teams and sports you like. And if you have a subscription to their channel, you can also install their WatchESPN app and enjoy live-streams and videos.

CBS Sports

Just as you would never be disappointed with an app by ESPN, CBS Sport lives up to the same standard you would expect from the channel. The app is one of sleekest and smoothest running iOS apps and the features it has are only an icing on the cake. As soon as you install it, you can choose the teams you want to follow and let the app keep you updated with game dates, stats, and news. You can also set an alarm for any teams you choose, so that you can always get fresh information on the go. But what's best about CBS sport is that you can watch a number of CBS live streams, stored highlight videos as well as listen to their sports radio without installing any other apps.