The Most Insane “Sports” in the World

There are tons of boring sports in the world that you can take part in where you wear tons of padding and everything's pretty safe and harmless. But rather than be a stick in the mud with the rest of these sports we've opted to pick out a few more "sports" that are extremely dangerous to the point where you would have to be insane to even sign up. Be warned, you won't find any pictures of old ladies that play bingo at this site, just gratuitous images of people getting hurt.

1. Coopers Hill Cheese Roll

Starting off our list strong, we've got the infamous Coopers Hill Cheese Roll event. This one is pretty self-explanatory, you take a large cheese and you roll it down the incredibly steep Coopers Hill in England and then 20 competitors go barreling after it at breakneck speeds. The winner is the first person over the line at the bottom of the hill, although you could call anyone who survives a headfirst tumbled down this large slope without a broken neck a winner. Technically, you're supposed to catch the cheese to win, but it can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, so you better be careful.

2. Hurling

Leave it to the Irish to come with a sport this insane. Hurling is a mixture of football, shinty, and hockey. It involves two teams of 15 trying to score against each other by thwacking a large and very hard ball into the team's goal. Although that may not sound particularly dangerous, that small solid ball travels along at head height at nearly 100 miles an hour and helmets in this game are optional. So basically, one team wins by either scoring the most goals or giving enough of the opposition serious head trauma.

3. Eton Wall Game

Created more than 300 years ago by the exclusive private school Eton, this game is a strange creation that you wouldn't expect from Etonian students. A mixture of rugby and architectural inspection, this game is like rugby in the loosest sense of terms. How it works is two teams have to get their ball into the oppositions goal end by piling against a wall and sliding along it to the opposing side.

4. Chess Boxing

No, really, we didn't make this one up; this is a real sport that exists. It involves two people playing chess against each other for 11 minutes then at the end of that time limit, the board is removed and they knock lumps out of each other for four minutes. Then the board comes back and this continues until someone gets a checkmate or knocked unconscious.

5. Royal Shrovetide Football

Held yearly in Ashbourne, a small village in England, this sport is one part football match and two parts full scale riot. How it works is the entire town turns out and is separated into two teams, then the local dignitary lobs a ball into the seething mass of people and it's game on.

To win, one team has to get their ball to one of the towns old mills which count as the goal posts. There are no real rules, so the ball can be swapped amongst teams either by tackling or good old fashioned physical violence.

These are just a couple of the most insane sports that are out there and perhaps should be on your bucket list at some point. So if you feel like showing how crazy you are, why not give some of them a go?