Tony Bloom, Successful Soccer Gambler

Tony Bloom is also known by his nickname "The Lizard," and on Saturdays, a mixture of women and men visit the Iceworks building, where television screens are turned to current football matches. Bloom's company is called Starlizard, where gambling is treated in the same way as stocks.

Officially, Starlizard is listed as a betting consultancy utilizing a combination of complex statistics to generate odds on football games that are stronger than what is offered by other bookmakers. These are then sold, and clients are given the opportunity to beat the market. The company acts purely as an adviser and does not take bets is believed to make £100 million a year, the biggest in Britain.

Who is Tony Bloom?

He first enjoyed the thrill at gambling at a very young age. Bloom, who is considered successful in sports betting, told the Argus Newspaper that at the age of nine he played fruit machines with his pocket money. And as told by, by the age 39, he was wealthy enough to invest £80 million into the club, and speculation has it that he is worth billions. Bloom has invested around £200 million since he took over the Brighton FC according to The Daily Mail. When he first took over the club Bloom, was dubbed by The Telegraph as a multi-millionaire developer in the property.

Described as nice by employees, he is an intensely private guy according to the press and is married to a psychologist and has a son. Family time is divided between Australia and North London. Bloom was born in 1970, educated at Lancing College after growing up in Brighton and he used a fake ID to visit gambling shops at the age of 15, according to Mike Atherton's book, published in 2006. The same cricket player also claims that Bloom told him that he believes in aggressive betting and to win big you have to risk losing.

He won often, and this success is what caught Victor Chandler's attention that set up an international betting operation that introduced Tony Bloom to a future where he would make billions. In a recent article posted on, it was stated that, "Bloom made a £200 million investment in Brighton"and as such as made it clear that his intent is to make this club one of the best -- simply put, a winning soccer club.

Bloom Called the Lizard Due to Cold-Blooded Decision-Making

Starlizard masterminds is called the most successful gambling syndicate worldwide, and while the company is highly secretive, it places millions yearly in bets on behalf of clients. Its largest business is football, and the majority of the money comes from the Lizard, a nickname Bloom got at the poker tables for his cold-hearted way of decision-making. Tony Bloom is the owner of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, an expert gambler ,and made his millions when he setup poker and bookmaker websites in 2000.

An interviewer once reported Bloom saying that he enjoyed gambling and in order to win properly, he created Starlizard. This allows him to utilize the cool heads of Mayfair's investment world when dealing with Asian bookmakers. How Bloom operates Starlizard is by offering staff a free stake in his business that would allow them the opportunity for payouts of roughly worth £500,000, presuming that matches end in Bloom's favor, if not, these employees, plus those who are members of the syndicate, are responsible for topping up the pot. All employees sign strict agreements not to speak with the press, and the only one that has the ability to agree to interviews or any media interaction regarding Brighton FC is Tony.

Tony Bloom Interviews

This extremely private man does not often agree to interviews, although we found a few following his Aussie Millions tournament. In 2011, he said, according to the Times, that poker offers players a good grounding in lots of situations including decision making and reading people, both skills that is usable in running a successful football club. At the time, he also shared that too much is read into injuries by gamblers and that the odds sometimes can get tilted due to only one or two of the players. He said he never goes overboard and analyze each situation. Tony Bloom, aka The Lizard, is indeed a gambler, and even when the odds are against him, he is unlikely to give up.

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