U.S. Making Way For Sports Betting?

Sports Betting May Have Its Day Again

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, people all over the United States start to really talk football. You'll hear people at the office chit-chat about the big game. People sitting around the neighborhood bar debate who will win.

Then, when Super Bowl Sunday comes around, the pool charts go up.

The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for sports betting -- albeit illegal. But it's the one time of year where people enjoy this American pastime with all legality issues and concerns aside.

But this could all change. And the Super Bowl may no longer be the only time of year when sports betting is done so openly and celebrated.

U.S. Supreme Court Will Review Christie vs. NCAA

Sports gambling has been outlawed in 46 states since 1992 under PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992). Under PASPA, betting on nearly all sports (with the exception of some sports like horse and dog racing) is still considered illegal.

But this all may be changing. In 2012, the state of New Jersey amended its state constitution in an attempt to legalize sports gambling and revitalize the Atlantic City casino market.

Yet, the NCAA and major sports leagues including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL argue that this type of gambling can disrupt fair play and disintegrate the honesty of the sports. The NCAA and all four major American sports leagues challenged the case, and the Supreme Court eventually rejected to review -- and subsequently, approve -- it after the case failed to make headway passed the lower courts.

After years of repeals and lifting certain prohibitions on sports gambling, New Jersey has garnered the attention of the U.S. Supreme Court again. And now, it appears that Christie vs. NCAA will have its day in Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court approves of legalized sports gambling in New Jersey, other states will follow suit. In fact, experts are predicting that 32 states could legalize sports gambling in the next five years. Some are even predicting that sports betting could be legal in all 50 states by 2024. The industry could rack in between $7.1 and $15.8 billion if all 50 states legalize sports gambling.

Bye, Bye Fantasy Sports?

Americans already spend billions of dollars every year betting in offshore start-up sites and bookies. Since the emergence and popularity of fantasy sports leagues and online casinos, it seems that more Americans are in favor of legalized sports betting.

But some question if this could mean the end for fantasy sports play and online casino slots play altogether.

Up until now, American gamblers and sports fans have been able to channel their energy into online casino slots and online fantasy games. This has not only given them a chance to play slots casino from home, but to connect with other sports fans in between upcoming sports events.

It's likely that if sports gambling becomes legal at the federal level that more Americans will wager directly on their favorite football, hockey, baseball, and basketball teams. We may even start to see more wagering in other sports, like soccer or cricket, that have bigger followings overseas.

Fantasy football and casino slots play most likely won't disappear. But it's plausible that these fun-filled alternatives could take the back seat to sports gambling in the coming years.

The Future of Sports Gambling Awaits

It seems that sports gambling will be a hot issue in the upcoming term for the Supreme Court. Because President Donald Trump has his own toes dipped in the casino market, it's likely that the Supreme Court will approve of sports betting on the federal level.

Which means winning money could very well become a big part upcoming sports events and people's Sundays in the future.

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