What Does it Takes to Win the Super Bowl?

The Patriots were crowned Super Bowl champions of 2017 with their extraordinary comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons recently, and it's clear they had something different than other teams to go on and win it. Many teams have the quality players to win championships but later realize they fall short when it comes to other mental qualities. It takes plenty of everything to win a Super Bowl and if you are wondering how teams do it, have a look at the below qualities that are mandatory to win the championship.


A high level of motivation and determination to succeed is required from all players and coaching staff to ensure they are in the right frame of mind to win the games that really matter. The Super Bowl final can go either way but if one team has more motivation to win it than the other, then it's clear they have the advantage as we have seen with the Patriots against the Falcons. Motivation is a big factor when it comes to winning any sporting event, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, the players would have dreamed of winning it since they were young, and that would have given them the motivation to train hard and play even harder.


The Patriot players would have been inspired from the four times they have won the Super Bowl before. Not only would they have gained inspiration from their own clinical displays in the Super Bowl, but they would have also looked at the many other Super Bowls that have been played down the years. The Patriots also got to play in their favored white jerseys, which gave them the added confidence to go on and win the match, and it's surprising how something so little can make the difference. Individual players would have gotten inspiration from past players lifting the trophy and not only will they get the inspiration from watching previous Super Bowls, but they will also get it from their coaches who are looking to drive them on to win the championship.

Great Coaching

The coaching staff will have to work ridiculously hard for long hours to not only ensure the offensive and defensive teams are in good shape, but they also have to make sure they are in the right frame of mind and are able to handle the pressure of the Super Bowl. Coaching is a varied role and it doesn't always mean they must be good with tactics on the pitch, and sometimes they just need to be able to motivate their players into winning games that they wouldn't likely be favorites to win. We have seen unlikely teams win it down the years and it isn't always about what offensive power they have; sometimes it's just good motivation which is key to their success.

High Intensity Training

Players must get in the gym as regularly as possible and eat massive amounts of food to gain the necessary weight to bulk up. High intensity training is required multiple times a week to ensure players are strong enough to compete, and that also means being as fit as possible too.

The Super Bowl is now done for another year, but if you want to watch other sports competitions in live streaming, click here and you'll be able to watch all the sporting events you want! There are many qualities that ensure a team's success on the pitch and the above are just some of the mandatory ones that are required individually. Will the Patriots be able to go on from here and win it again next year? Or will their players opt to leave for other playing opportunities?

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