What is Most Popular Sport?

Sports are addicting -- it's a fact. Whether you participate yourself or you just cheer on your favorite team, there is nothing more thrilling and energizing than witnessing the game unfold.

There are a lot of different types of sports, and with each of them comes a dedicated fan base. And as is expected of such fans, they will all claim that their favorite sports category is the most popular one, and there is no convincing them otherwise.

But what about facts? Which type of sport attracts the most attention around the world? To answer your questions, we searched for the latest stats regarding those sports, in the hopes of settling this argument once and for all.

What the Stats Say

To determine which sport is the most popular one, you have to take into consideration a variety of criteria. No matter how you look at it, soccer gets the first place in this competition.

With more than 4 billion followers around the world, it is clear that this sport has captured that hearts of most men and women in various countries. It is especially popular in Europe, the U.S., Asia, and Africa, aka -- more than half the continents around the globe. The statistics within the sport itself show that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular player of all, Real Madrid and Barcelona have the most followers on social media, and the World Cup competition gets the most viewers every year.

Although nominating soccer as the king of all sports was easy, finding the runner-up wasn't. Various sports can fill this position, and choosing just one is hard. However, if you look at the number of fans a sport has alone, cricket wins hands down. With 2.5 billion fans in Australia, the UK, and what used to be British colonies, this sport remains somewhat unknown in other parts of the world, but it doesn't affect the stats. The T20 competitions are in the third place when it comes to the most watched sports tournaments, which is quite an accomplishment.

Moving on, the sport that gets the bronze medal in popularity is field hockey, with 2 billion fans worldwide.

Weirdly enough, it was hard to determine where basketball stands when it comes to popularity. There is a lot of contradictory data floating around the Internet, and it is hard to determine what is accurate and what is not. Some say that basketball is popular mainly in the U.S. with about 825 million fans, but other sources state that this sport has more than 2.5 billion fans around the globe. Either way, this game deserves to get an honorary mention in this post.

Tennis, volleyball, and table tennis have about 1 billion fans each, putting all three sports in the same spot. Tennis in its all variations has fans all around the globe, while volleyball is mainly popular in North America and Western Europe.

The next sport on the list is baseball, with 500 million fans. This considerable drop in popularity has a lot to do with the fact that not all countries are familiar with it, and this sport is dominant only in the U.S., Japan, and the Caribbean.

Last on the list are rugby and golf, with less than 500 million fans each. Both sports are quite old-fashioned and they are popular in the U.K. and the U.S, respectively. Even though they aren't overly popular around the globe, both sports get a lot of media coverage in those countries, and the revenue is not bad either.

What It's All About...

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