Winning Betting Tips From Bookies

Betting is, naturally, a risky way to spend our time or even to try and earn much money. But, when you do it wisely, it can also be a fun and exciting pastime while watching sport or knock about at a new online casino.

The question arises how to make the most of that bet? And are there any ways to best the bookies' tricks that try to get over you?

The thing is to find the best value for the money. Even if you are more than sure to be in the right prices and the right markets, check these tips from an ex-betting company employee. You will be surprised how you can make the most from your betting experience.

1. Know your sport all to pieces

You should have it all at your fingertips how well your favorite football squad has played the last match, was the tactic more offensive or defensive? Were they professional at keeping possession or it just was a good luck?

Which tennis player has quarreled with his coach? Does that golfer have experience on a links course?

Such kinds of details will better prepare you for spotting the good-value markets. Either way, you can try your luck at the best video slots in numerous online casinos.

2. Favorites don't always win

This seems evident to point out, but it is difficult for any better to ignore the price bookies have given. Sometimes look deeper, read through the lines, trust your intuition. If something in your mind tells you not to bet on the favorite, take that idea and go ahead.

3. Bad idea to hold to one bookmaker -- swing around

Betting business is mostly built on the brand loyalty. The business related to a viable sector, bookmaker companies will try and entice you to bet only with them.

There are different loyalty schemes or even special offers, but always remember, the intention is the same. Look around, listen to the talks, walk a bit, hear, feel, and choose the one your heart prompts you.

Look through the offers available for special bets. The first goal scorer market is one of the most favored bets in soccer and as a result, bookies all have their own hype on it.

Many bookies have their own version of how to lure you, so be aware of any tricks. Your deep investigations beforehand will tell you which of their offers will most suit you for any given match.

4. Better if there are not many selections

To be frank, even though it sounds like common sense, gamblers constantly forget. Don't include many selections in your bet, and the percentage that you will win will rise higher.

If your aim in betting is to make money, do not think big. Only one squad or selection if you can stake enough. Okay, let's have three or four, but maximum.

The reality is that bookies lose most of their money from the single bet. And one more important thing is that if you do enough investigation, you will feel safer putting $5 or $10 on one selection. Although trebles usually suggest a decent return if you are really willing a higher payout.

5. Avoid the trial of odds-on prices

Sometimes you may feel like feverishly willing that long-shot bet on a Saturday or Sunday, do not be in a hurry with odds-on selections. You're shortening your chance of winning for next to no extra cash.

By the way, that's quite an easy thing to do in tennis. Grand Slam is opening and you see the top players are all drawn against relative newbies.

It may seem like a great idea to gather them in a multiple to try and win some quick money. But be aware that it may become your big mistake.

There are rumors about tennis for offering terrible prices on match-betting and so you could put the world's elite in a 10-fold and still only manage to scratch out returns at 3/1.

So, have a minute and think hard, is it really worth $10 to only treble your money when any single loss at a price of 1/8 would result in your entire bet going down? I really doubt it is worth it.

There may be more sense to have some research and find an up-and-coming player who has a favorable draw and back them at a better price.

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