Angry in Arizona

Someone needs to remind Anquan Boldin that there's no "I" in team.

The heralded wide receiver has recently stated that he would like to be traded to the Miami Dolphins, and he has also said that he would relish the opportunity to play in his home state of Florida.

"I would love to play in my home state, so if I were traded to one of the teams in my home state that would be a privilege," Boldin told ESPN 760. Backing down a bit, the Cardinals wide receiver has said that he has not made up his mind about anything yet, but if history is any indication, this likely means he has little to desire to re-sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

I find Anquan Boldin's sudden desire to leave the Arizona Cardinals disappointing for a number of reasons.

One reason of course, is that Boldin has developed such a good chemistry with the offense in his time in Arizona. Last season, he played a huge role in the Cardinals' success. In a storybook season, one that saw washed up veteran quarterback Kurt Warner lead the Cardinals all the way to the Super Bowl, Boldin was a key contributor the offense. He had over 1,000 yards receiving and caught 11 touchdown passes during the regular season and played a huge roll in the Cardinals' postseason run. His 71-yard touchdown catch against Atlanta in the opening round helped Arizona advance to the next round.

Boldin, along with his fellow receivers, seemed to flourish with Warner throwing the ball last season. Fellow receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston had over 1,000 yards receiving, and it seemed like Boldin was very comfortable with the offense. I'm not sure why Anquan Boldin would leave a team that he has built so much chemistry with.

A few teams have expressed their interest in Boldin, though none of these choices are more attractive than staying with the Cardinals. Should he be traded, Miami seems to be one of the more possible destinations, as Miami would benefit from adding a solid wide receiver and it would satisfy Boldin's desire to play in his home state. Another option may be the New York Giants, who are in the market for a wide receiver after the release of Plaxico Burress. Whatever team Boldin end up on, I believe he would regret the move.

In Arizona, Boldin has the perfect opportunity to continue thriving as a receiver. He lines up on the same field as big-time playmaker Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald will undoubtedly continue to draw double teams, which will only help Boldin get open. Bottom line, if Anquan Boldin goes to a new team, it is going to take him time to adjust to the offense. And I highly doubt Boldin will be traded to a team with as much firepower as the Cardinals.

Of course, the biggest disappointment about Boldin requesting out of Arizona is Kurt Warner.

A year after resurrecting his career, Warner has already agreed to come back to the Cardinals. The reason? He wants another chance to lead the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Coupled with the re-signing of Larry Fitzgerald, it looks like Arizona should be primed for another run into the postseason. Yet, if Boldin doesn't stay with the Cardinals, it would definitely hinder their chances to make it back to the Super Bowl.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to the fact that Boldin is putting himself ahead of the team. Boldin doesn't seem to care that Kurt Warner staged off retirement to lead the Cardinals back to the Super Bowl. All he seems to care about is getting a lucrative contract extension.

Boldin seems to want a contract similar to that of fellow wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, yet the Cardinals have little desire to re-work Boldin's contract until the end of the season. While I can understand where Boldin is coming from, I really think that in the long-run; he will regret signing a larger contract with another team and throwing away his shot at a Super Bowl with the Cardinals.

To close, I'd like to remind Anquan Boldin of one thing. When his career is finished, it won't matter how big of a contract he signed, but he would always remember a Super Bowl victory.

Bottom line, Anquan Boldin should re-sign with the Arizona Cardinals and gear up for one last run at a championship.

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April 13, 2009

Bill Sutton:

I”m in complete agreement with above -
Its unlikely Miami has the players this kind
of move would require - But, in the meantime
I would like to see Cards talking to Terry
Holt - He could be the best replacement -

Bill Sutton

April 17, 2009


Thanks for the comment. I agree that Holt would do well with the Cardinals especially with Warner running the offense.

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