Memo to Chris Bosh: Stay in Toronto

To start off this article, I'd like to offer a line from one of Buckcherry's songs to Chris Bosh, "Please don't go away, you're making a mistake..."

As the heated NBA free agency period has progressed, and potential trade talks and free agent signings are still being discussed, fans of the NBA are still wondering whether or not the Toronto Raptors will trade away Chris Bosh.

Bosh is scheduled to become a free agent next season, and the thinking behind a trade would be that at least the Raptors would get something in return for their star forward. It has been rumored that potential trading partners could possibly be the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, or Chicago Bulls.

Chris Bosh, the Raptors' franchise player and the only true consummate pro on their team, would be a crucial piece of the puzzle to lose.

Though it may be enticing to jump ship and sign a huge contract with another team, I personally hope Chris Bosh will end all speculation and sign a long-term contract with the Toronto Raptors.

After the former face of the franchise, Vince Carter, left the Raptors in December 2004, Chris Bosh became the new hope for the Toronto Raptors. He didn't disappoint. The next full season, Bosh averaged 22.5 points and 9.2 rebounds. The Raptors finished under .500, but Bosh proved to be a catalyst for the team. The next season was the start of big things for the Raptors. Led by Bosh's 22.6 points and 10.7 points a game, the Raptors clinched the division title. Toronto also made the playoffs the next season, but took a step back this year and missed the playoffs entirely.

Chris Bosh may feel that it is time to move on with a different team. He may feel that his best chance to win a championship would be with a different team.

The Raptors did have an off-year last season after two successive trips to the postseason, and there are some holes on the roster. However, GM Bryan Colangelo has already been orchestrating moves in the offseason to give Chris Bosh some offensive support. To add some much-needed strength to the Raptors, they added forward Reggie Evans. Evans is not a scorer, but he is a grinder. Evans will help the Raptors on the boards and some toughness next to Chris Bosh.

In a more substantial move, the Raptors have recently agreed to a verbal contract with Hedo Turkoglu. Though no deal can be official as of this writing, the move looks to be a sure thing. The 6-10 forward will add size and skill to the Raptors organization. Turkolo has averaged 12.3 oints in his career and could provide further assistance to Bosh.

The team also drafted DeMar DeRozan in the NBA draft. DeRozan could play a role similar to Jason Kapono and was a smart choice by Toronto.

Besides all the talent that the Raptors have provided for Bosh, he needs to realize just what it would mean for the fans of the Raptors. Bosh was the saviour after Vince Carter deserted the Raptors. If Chris Bosh were to not re-sign with the team and sign somewhere else, it would be devastating for the franchise.

They would still have talented players left. Jose Calderon is a solid point guard and Andrea Bargnani, Kris Humphries, Hedo Turkoglu, and Reggie Evans provide a lot of depth for the Raptors. But Bosh is the player that can push the Raptors to the next level.

Chris Bosh needs to realize that the management is placing a lot of talent around him. They are investing a lot in him, hoping he can lead the team greatness. With so much faith being placed on him, it's time for Bosh to put some faith in the Toronto Raptors.

Re-sign with the Toronto Raptors, Chris Bosh.

The team needs you.

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July 10, 2009

Joe Buddy:

This is not a good article at all. It’s dated ‘July 10, 2009’ but seems to be written last week. There was a quite a big trade that went down yesterday that got the Raptors Tukoglu in a sign and trade, as well as Antoine Wright and Devean George. Kris Humphries is no longer on the Raptors squad as of yesterday. Also, Turkoglu’s career points average of 15.8 is incorrect, that would be his career playoff average. His career average is 12.3 PPG. Oh, and I highly doubt DeMar DeRozan will be playing a similar role to what Jason Kapono played. Other than all that, ya, Toronto does need Bosh.

July 10, 2009

Jonathan Hamelin:

The article was written before the Raptors aquired Antoine Wright and Devean George. Also beofore Kris Humphries was no longer a member of the Raptors. It is unfortunate that a trade happened as the article was being published but rest assured it was not written after the trade took place.

My bad on Turkoglu’s stats. When I was checking his stats I didn’t see that it was his playoff stats.

Actually, demar DeRozan could play a similar role to Jason Kapono. DeRozan is a wing type player like Kapono. This was actually on Click on this url:
Then click on the video below entitle raptors draft review. They explain that DeRozan will fill the void left by Jason Kapono. He might not play the exact same role, but he will play a similar one.

So, as you can see, since the trade happened after my article was written, it was not a mistake that it was not included. As for your comment that “this wasn’t a good article at all”. I respect your opinion but disagree with you.

Thanks for the comment.

July 11, 2009

Chris Bosh:

Bosh needs to go to another team. Toronto sucks, he should try to go to Cleveland. If he gets there he would pwn everybody

July 11, 2009

Jonathan Hamelin:

Bosh would be succesful on a team like Cleveland, but I believe things are looking up in Toronto. They have added some solid players to compliment players like, Calderon, Bosh and Bargnani. Bosh could have a promising future in Toronto.

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