Super Bowl XLIX Aftermath

Was Seattle's decision to pass on second and goal from the Patriots one-yard line the worst decision in Super Bowl history?

No. The decision to pass wasn't the bad idea; the manner in which Seattle chose to pass was the defining, and wrong, decision. With three plays left from the one, the absolute last thing you want to happen is a turnover. Throwing a pass into the middle of a defense already aligned expecting a play up the middle was risky at best.

Of course, had Russell Wilson completed the pass to Ricardo Lockett, the decision would have been unceasingly hailed as a masterpiece of strategic ingenuity. And Bill Belichick would have been vilified for not using timeouts to save time for what would have been a last gasp effort for the Pats to get into game-tying field goal range.

As it is, Pete Carroll will have to face the music for his decision. And, on that note, here are the top ten songs that Pete Carroll does not want to hear:

1. "I Ran": A Flock of Seagulls
2. "If I Could Turn Back Time": Cher
3. "Sabotage": The Beastie Boys
4. "Running Down a Dream": Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
5. "Run to You": Bryan Adams

Were the Patriots expecting a pass?

It certainly looked like it. They say "hindsight is 20/20," and New England's Malcolm Butler would agree, because his vision was so good, he saw right through Seattle's plan to throw from the Patriots one-yard line.

So, what should the Seahawks have done?

The options are limitless. Of course, there's giving the ball to Lynch. And from what I've seen this year, the Seahawks have plenty of running plays that don't go up the middle. And, assuming Lynch was stopped on second down, the Seahawks could have called a timeout, their last. They would likely not need another timeout, because their final two plays would likely be passes into the end zone.

Passing on second down was a viable option, but that pass needed to be one that ended up either in the hands of a Seahawk or out of the end zone.

Now, the most fitting play would have been lining up an offensive lineman as tackle-eligible, while lining Lynch up as ineligible. But who says an ineligible receiver can't run the ball? For added confusion, a lateral to lynch would have really thrown off the Patriots.

Would another coach have done things differently?

Absolutely. For example, Green Bay's Mike McCarthy would have ran Lynch straight up the middle on second and third down, then kicked a field goal on fourth and goal.

Will anyone watch NBC's "The Slap?"

How could you not watch a show called "The Slap?" If you're not watching "The Slap," you should be slapped.

I commend NBC for producing a series based on an adult slapping a child, and I commend the NFL for having the balls to use their most-watched game as advertisement for such, even after a season replete with domestic and child abuse controversies.

Can Wilson recover from such a devastating interception?

Yes, but only with the guidance of his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Now, Russell and J.C. feel a higher level of kinship, because they've both been crucified.

Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all-time?

Brady now has four Super Bowl wins, placing him in the company of Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. But can you call him the greatest of all time? I say no. Take away the benefit of the "Tuck Rule," and arguably the biggest set of blunders in Super Bowl history, and Brady has only two Super Bowl wins.

How was the halftime show?

For users of LSD and other hallucinogenics, it was overkill.

Katy Perry was awesome, in a supporting role for Missy Elliott.

Interestingly enough, Missy "couldn't stop the rain;" the Patriots, however, could "stop the reign," Seattle's, that is.

What was the best commercial aired during Super Bowl XLIX?

I would call it a tie, between all the commercials that didn't feature a dead child.

Here is a list of Nationwide's proposed new slogans:

"Nationwide, a kid just died."

"Nationwide, we have no pride."

"Nationwide, outrage'll subside."

"Nationwide, come on, we tried."

"Nationwide, we want to hide."

"Nationwide, WTF?!"

What's the early forecast for Super Bowl L at Levi's Stadium in 2016?

In only the second rematch in Super Bowl history, the Patriots and Seahawks will meet again in Santa Clara, California.

This time, the Seahawks are 100% healthy and the Patriots enter banged up after a tough AFC Championship win at Indianapolis. And Lynch, under a new contract, which stipulates he has veto power over any play calls made at or near the goal line. Lynch scores two TD's, and a 106-yard Richard Sherman interception return for a touchdown with under a minute left puts the exclamation point on a 34-17 Seattle win.

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