NBA Week In Review

* Float Like a Butterfly, Dunk Like Lavine — Teenager Zach Lavine won the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday at Madison Square Garden, then said he would beat LeBron James in a dunk contest. If there's one thing Lavine knows how to "throw down," it's a gauntlet.

* Charles Barkley and Analytics — Barkley made known his distaste for analytics in sports. Analytics are useful for Barkley, but only if it gets him from Point A to Point "BJ."

* Is This the Beginning of a "Turble" Relationship? DeMarcus Cousins Versus Charles Barkley — Cousins said he doesn't respect Barkley after Barkley criticized him on TNT about Cousins' alleged input on the hiring of George Karl. Whether it's "clout" or "pout," Cousins has too much of it.

* Kevin Durant Bashes the Media — Durant, in a media session at the All-Star Game on Saturday, said to reporters, you "don't know s---" in response to ongoing questions about the future of head coach Scott Brooks. Durant then placed himself on the injured list with hurt feelings.

* The Western Conference beat the Eastern Conference 163-158 in Sunday's NBA All Star Game in New York City. It was yet another loss for an Eastern Conference team at Madison Square Garden.

* "Saturday Night Live's" 40th Anniversary special beat the NBA All-Star Game in Sunday night's television rating. SNL's show drew a 14.2 rating, while the NBA game on TNT posted a 5.2. Apparently, the "SNL" special was like defense at the All-Star Game: laughable.

* This Week's NBA Finals Prediction — This is based on Jeffrey Boswell's NBA's "S.W.I.S.H." rankings (Statistical Weighted Index Summation Hierarchy), which takes into account very little to predict the Finals (based on data year-to-date and predicted future performance). Golden State over Cleveland in 7.

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