College Football Week 1 Thoughts

Deep in the Heart of Texas, Things Suck

Texas came into the year ranked No. 23, which I thought was a tad high considering what a miserable campaign they had last year. Did they have reasons for optimism and a case to be made that they would improve significantly? Sure, but so do a lot of teams coming off bad years. Pollsters adopt a wait-and-see approach if you're a non-marquee program like, I don't know, Arizona State or Purdue or whomever, but not Texas or Notre Dame, who re-enters the top 25 this week.

Well, after losing to lowly Maryland at home, we now know that rebuilding the Longhorns will take some time and is not a guaranteed success, no matter how much pollsters like name brands.

But their loss wasn't the gut punch that Texas A&M's was, coughing up a 44-10 lead in a little over a quarter. What was amazing about UCLA's 45-44 comeback win is that they did it the hard way — no turnovers, no non-offensive touchdowns. Look at this drive chart.

For the worst loss in the state, though: come on down, Baylor. The days of Baylor prominence is now officially and completely dead as they lose to FCS Liberty 48-45.

I watched this game, and there was nothing fluky about it. Liberty gained 585 yards of total offense not as a result of a few big plays, but sustained over four quarters. The push Liberty's O-Line got against Baylor's D-Line was something I've never seen from an FCS team taking on an FBS one.

Howard University Pulled Off the Biggest Upset in College Football History

Going by point spread, at least. Howard was 48-point underdog to UNLV, but they won 43-40.

This was one of just three FBS games that didn't find their way onto any sort of TV or online platform. What a pity.

Liberty, at least, was known to be a good FCS team. Howard went 2-9 last year, and their victories were by a total of ten points. No one outside the Howard program could've seen this coming. Bravo to the Bison.

Oregon State Will Be the Worst P5 Program This Year

You heard it here first. They will surpass Kansas for the ignominy.

I base this on the fact that that Colorado State put up 58 points against them, and then turned around and put up 3 points against Colorado in the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

I hope I'm wrong. I like Oregon State, I'll be rooting for them in all of their remaining games. But the Pac-10 flexed their muscles this week, and there's just no room for the Beavers to grow.

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