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No More Goliaths

Sports PhotoGonzaga, college basketball’s perennial upstart underdog, is 27-1 and headed toward another March class with the sport’s giants. But SC’s Corrie Trouw says the gap between the Davids and Goliaths of the hardwood is smaller than ever. Complete Story

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The Cinderella List

Sports PhotoWhile everyone is ready to pencil Kentucky in their brackets, what about the teams that could create havoc in brackets everywhere? SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at five teams who could shake up March Madness. Complete Story

How to Fix College Basketball

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster has been a die-hard college basketball fan for his entire life. But this season, he’s followed the sport far less due to it becoming an overly physical, bogged-down, low-scoring brand of basketball. He looks at what can be done to make college hoops more enjoyable. Complete Story

The Other Guys

Sports PhotoWith the college basketball season shifting to conference play, SC’s Corrie Trouw looks beyond Kentucky’s pursuit of perfection and finds an interesting story with a familiar face on Tobacco Road, the Duke Blue Devils. Complete Story

Can Anyone Stop Kentucky?

Sports PhotoKentucky has dominated their non-conference slate to this point and while talk of an undefeated season looms, SC’s Jean Neuberger points the ways for a team to pull off a mammoth upset over the Wildcats. Complete Story

The Reason For the Season

Sports PhotoIf you’re a long-time reader of the Sports Central family, you know about SC’s Jonathan Lowe’s love for college basketball’s holiday tournaments. But … why? He opens up the door to his mind and offers up his reasons for the fascination. Complete Story

A Nice Problem to Have

Sports PhotoAs the college basketball season opened Friday, the nation got its first look at Kentucky’s historically talented roster. SC’s Corrie Trouw explores UK’s “problem” of too much talent and how Calipari is solving it. Complete Story

Coarses of Higher Learning

Sports PhotoIt’s a story we’ve all heard before. A college basketball head coach gets fired over allegedly bad behavior toward his players. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at the latest casualty of the “new law of the land.” Complete Story

The Most Interesting Year One Coaches

Sports PhotoAs the college hoops coaching carousel for 2014 comes to a close, SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the five most intriguing coaches to watch next season. Complete Story

The New ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Sports PhotoThe ACC and Big Ten announced the slate for their annual series. But SC’s Corrie Trouw says this 16th edition of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge shows how little college conferences matter anymore. Complete Story

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