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2014 College Football Game Awards

Sports PhotoCollege football award season has celebrated the year’s best players, but SC’s Corrie Trouw looks back at 2014 and recognizes the games that made the first season of the playoffs so memorable. Complete Story

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College Football’s Selection Committee Got it Right

Sports PhotoThe matchups for the first College Football Playoff have been released, and SC’s Ross Lancaster is willing to praise the selection committee for selecting Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State. Complete Story

Eyes Turn to Waco For Last Weekend

Sports PhotoThis weekend puts the final pieces of the college playoff picture in place, and SC’s Jean Neuberger discusses why that final key piece is in Baylor’s hands. Complete Story

The Playoff’s Budding Big 12 Dilemma

Sports PhotoAfter this weekend’s games, Baylor and TCU put a stranglehold on the Big 12 title race. With Baylor beating TCU earlier this year, one would think that the Bears should get any potential playoff spot if both teams finish with one loss. SC’s Ross Lancaster explains why that’s not the case. Complete Story

College Playoff Picture Still a Mess

Sports PhotoIt’s still unclear as to who the top four teams will be at the end of the college football regular season. SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the November contenders for the inaugural college football playoff. Complete Story

The Month-Long Journey

Sports PhotoMost of the college football universe are already jumping forward to late December and the playoffs. But there’s still a month left in the regular season. SC’s Jonathan Lowe takes his sweet time, while setting the table for some of the contenders. Complete Story

When Due Process Won’t Do

Sports PhotoGeorgia RB Todd Gurley’s suspension for selling autographs has lasted two games, and neither the NCAA nor the university have much to say about it. SC’s Corrie Trouw asks what is taking so long. Complete Story

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

Sports PhotoThe element of surprise has always been part of college football. Never, though, like this. SC’s Jean Neuberger explains just how remarkable the rise has been for the Magnolia State’s top two teams. Complete Story

Who is This Year’s Auburn?

Sports PhotoWeek 6 proved that the 2014 season is well on its way to becoming the craziest season in years. With four teams now allowed into the final stage of the season for the inaugural College Football Playoff, SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at what teams could make a 2013 Auburn-like rebound. Complete Story

Preoccupied With 1985

Sports PhotoBaseball fans in Kansas City have a reason to smile for the first time in a long time. SC’s Jonathan Lowe is among them. But he’s also found a “kindred spirit” fan base that thirsts for their own postseason glory. Complete Story

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