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Halfway Home in College Football

Sports PhotoMost college teams have hit the midway peak. What stories will SC’s Jonathan Lowe keep an eye on during the downhill sprint to the finish line? Let’s take a look. Complete Story

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The Waiting Game

Sports PhotoSome heralded programs aren’t off to the best start in 2018 with their first-year coaches. SC’s Jean Neuberger explains that, even for the best programs, lots of patience is needed to build a powerhouse. Complete Story

America, Meet Kyler Murray

Sports PhotoOklahoma’s Kyler Murray was a millionaire before he took a snap for the 2018 season. SC’s Steve Brenna takes a closer look at what to expect on the gridiron from America’s latest dual-sport superstar. Complete Story

It’s Time For FBS to Stop Playing FCS

Sports PhotoIn the first two weeks of the college football season, FBS schools have played teams from FCS some 70 times. While a select few FCS teams have beaten the odds and won, the vast majority have been blowouts in favor of the bigger program. SC’s Ross Lancaster says it’s time to end this. Complete Story

Time For a College Football Preseason?

Sports PhotoFor college football fans, the “preseason” has lasted eight months. For college football players, the “preseason” doesn’t exist. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at why one would might actually be a good thing. Complete Story

10 Bold College Football Predictions For 2018

Sports PhotoTen really off-the-wall predictions for college football as kickoff approaches? SC’s Jean Neuberger has you covered with his list of 10 bold predictions for the season. Complete Story

Where’s the Greener Grass?

Sports PhotoSometimes, a coaching carousel can spit out some interesting connections. SC’s Jonathan Lowe digs into how some college football coaches will try to see each other eye-to-eye … from far away. Complete Story

Hot Takes From College Football’s Media Days

Sports PhotoMedia Days generally stir the pot for college football discussion. SC’s Jean Neuberger provides his opinion to some of the hottest topics discussed, including interesting quotes from Larry Fedora and Nick Saban. Complete Story

New Transfer Rules Are a Win For Athletes

Sports PhotoFinally, the NCAA passed legislation that helps the student more than a school. SC’s Jean Neuberger explains why, for once, the NCAA passed something of relevance. Complete Story

UCF and the Great Eight Debate

Sports PhotoSince declaring themselves as national champions, there have been shots fired from both UCF and Alabama. Oddly, just about every shot has been truthful. SC’s Jean Neuberger breaks it down. Complete Story

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