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Where’s the Greener Grass?

Sports PhotoSometimes, a coaching carousel can spit out some interesting connections. SC’s Jonathan Lowe digs into how some college football coaches will try to see each other eye-to-eye … from far away. Complete Story

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Hot Takes From College Football’s Media Days

Sports PhotoMedia Days generally stir the pot for college football discussion. SC’s Jean Neuberger provides his opinion to some of the hottest topics discussed, including interesting quotes from Larry Fedora and Nick Saban. Complete Story

New Transfer Rules Are a Win For Athletes

Sports PhotoFinally, the NCAA passed legislation that helps the student more than a school. SC’s Jean Neuberger explains why, for once, the NCAA passed something of relevance. Complete Story

UCF and the Great Eight Debate

Sports PhotoSince declaring themselves as national champions, there have been shots fired from both UCF and Alabama. Oddly, just about every shot has been truthful. SC’s Jean Neuberger breaks it down. Complete Story

The Hangover Chronicles: College Football Edition

Sports PhotoWhat’s the best way to recover from New Year’s Eve shenanigans? The College Football Playoff, of course! Join SC’s Bob Campbell as he discusses the two semifinal games from the comfort of his own couch. Complete Story

Why the 2017 Cotton Bowl Comes With a Pinch of Salt

Sports PhotoCollege football’s Final Four may be already set, but SC’s Steve Brenna believes the marquee college football matchups will begin before New Year’s day. Complete Story

Why Clemson/Alabama III is Still the Game of the Year

Sports PhotoSemifinal or not, SC’s Steve Brenna believes the Sugar Bowl is the real national championship game. So who has the edge? Complete Story

The Baker Mayfield Effect

Sports PhotoOnce thought to be an NFL long-shot, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield is continuing to prove his doubters wrong. Yet, he still isn’t getting the respect he deserves. SC’s Robert Campbell analyzes Mayfield’s impact on the college game and beyond. Complete Story

The Groundwork For the End

Sports PhotoEven after all of this week’s action, there’s still stuff to sort through in the college football regular season. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into the biggest developments that made Saturday a fruitful day for some. Complete Story

Big 10 Stumbles Open Miami’s Path to CFP

Sports PhotoWith two Big 10 powerhouses toppled in Week 10, the Miami Hurricanes now have a clear path to the College Football Playoff. SC’s Steve Brenna explains how the Hurricanes can crack the final top four. Complete Story

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