College Football

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The Pains of Complacency

Sports PhotoLSU’s Les Miles has averaged 10 wins a game, but is on the chopping block. SC’s Jean Neuberger discusses why being consistently good, but not great, is a death knoll in the new playoff world of FBS. Complete Story

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In Defense of Larger Conferences

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster has never loved the mega-conferences that currently exist in college football. However, by looking at the Big 12 potentially getting left out of the playoff once again, he looks at why those 12- and 14-team league are the best for getting their champions into the playoff. Complete Story

College Football’s Stretch Run

Sports PhotoWe’re closing in on the end of the college football regular season. What’s left to hash out before the bowl games are set? SC’s Jonathan Lowe takes a look. Complete Story

What to Expect From the Playoff Committee

Sports PhotoWe are 10 weeks into the 2015 FBS season, just the second ever that will culminate in a four-team playoff. The playoff committee will be releasing its first ranking of the year. What can we expect now? Complete Story

Your Move, Blake James

Sports PhotoAl Golden’s firing leaves many wondering who will step in at Miami. SC’s Jean Neuberger says that for Miami’s Athletic Director, this is as big a selection for his school’s program as there has ever been. Complete Story

An Ode to the Head Ball Coach

Sports PhotoLast week, Steve Spurrier resigned at South Carolina after winning 228 games during his head coaching career. SC’s Ross Lancaster describes not only what the Head Ball Coach meant to him with his beloved Gamecocks, but also as the coach of the high-flying Florida teams in the ’90s. Complete Story

Desperate Times

Sports PhotoWhen you ask a college football why they love the game, you should expect a myriad of answers in return. However, for SC's Jonathan Lowe, Saturday described the essence of the game in just one word. Complete Story

College Football Playoff Projections

Sports PhotoAs we're nearing the halfway point of the college football season, SC's Jean Neuberger chimes in with his first projections for who grabs the four coveted College Football Playoff spots, as well as the rest of the New Year's Six. Complete Story

Why Saturday Always Delivers

Sports PhotoIf you were looking at last Saturday's football slate at a glance during the week, it didn't look like the best set of games. SC's Ross Lancaster explains how those games more than lived up to their billing and looks at the national title implications. Complete Story

Peeking Down the Road in College Football

Sports PhotoAs we near the end of September, there's already enough a template to judge the potential endgame of this 2015 college football season, says SC's Jonathan Lowe. Complete Story

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