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Outside Looking In

Sports PhotoThe utter collapse of the Big Ten conference has already put them in a rough position. SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at just how difficult the road to a national title is for a Big Ten champion. Complete Story

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Realizing Brevity is Beauty in College

Sports PhotoThe past week has been a horrible one for the sport of football, and it’s raised doubts in SC’s Ross Lancaster’s mind about the future of supporting the sport. However, in watching Saturday’s GA/USC thriller, he realized that the college game has things going for it that can’t be replicated. Complete Story

Reputable Damage

Sports PhotoIn our everyday interactions, working off preconceived notions of a person might not be the best way to go. But in college football, it’s the first step in deciding who’ll be a cut above everyone else. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at one “star” league that has lost some luster lately. Complete Story

Final College Football Preseason Thoughts

Sports PhotoWe’re just hours away from the start of college football and SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a moment to offer some final thoughts before the 2014 season kicks off. Complete Story

Vetting the Replacements

Sports PhotoThere are shoes to fill every time the college football season starts. Some are heralded, and others … not so much. But which unfamiliar names will SC’s Jonathan Lowe be paying attention to? Complete Story

CFB 2014: Giving Away the Ending

Sports PhotoThe 2013 college football season featured last-minute action and several twist endings. SC’s Corrie Trouw looks forward to the 2014 season and — spoiler alert — he knows what will happen in the end. Complete Story

Win or Go Home

Sports PhotoCollege football is less than a week away, and SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the head coaches who have to produce this season if they want to keep their jobs. Complete Story

2014 College Football Predictions

Sports PhotoSEC Media Days signal that the 2014 football season is nearing. SC’s Jean Neuberger has early prognostications in mind for the next few weeks to come. Complete Story

Time For NCAA Mid-Majors to Act

Sports PhotoThe new college football playoff doesn’t allow many opportunities for the NCAA’s mid-major teams. SC’s Jean Neuberger explains that the mid-majors need to act quickly to aid their football programs. Complete Story

SEC: Eight is Enough

Sports PhotoThe major conferences are shifting to nine-game conference schedules. However, as SC’s Jean Neuberger points out, the Southeastern Conference is confident enough to stick with an eight-game slate. Complete Story

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