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McIlroy, Woods, Nicklaus: Major Debate

Sports PhotoTiger Woods and Rory McIlroy share similar quests: Woods to match Jack Nicklaus with 18 majors, and McIlroy to catch them both. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell says that Jack shouldn’t worry about his record. Complete Story

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Golf’s “Snitches Get Stitches” Policy

Sports PhotoGolf has a problem, and that’s allowing people other than officials to affect rules enforcement. It has to stop, and SC’s Jeffrey Boswell says it will, with the unconventional yet effective policy. Complete Story

Looking Ahead to Golf in 2013

Sports Photo2012 was a fantastic year for golf, full of surprises and mass-tension at all of the big events. SC’s Angus Saul looks towards 2013 and says which players will shine and which players will struggle to keep up as the tour heats up once more. Complete Story

Ryder Cup in Review

Sports PhotoThe 2012 Ryder Cup saw the greatest fightback in the sport’s history, as Europe stormed back from 10-6 down on the final day at the Medinah Club in Chicago. SC’s Angus Saul explains why it was marred by more than just a handful of hooligans. Complete Story

The Greatest Open Champion

Sports PhotoAs the Open Championship begins at the Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s this week, many faces, young and old, are set to make their mark on the game. SC’s Angus Saul looks back at a past champion, who won his first major at this very course. Complete Story

A Golden Age For Golf

Sports PhotoAfter Webb Simpson clinched victory at the U.S. Open last weekend in what was a thrilling finale, golf is wide-open for contenders. SC’s Angus Saul explains why a golden age is just around the corner. Complete Story

Is Tiger Woods Back?

Sports PhotoIs Tiger Woods on the cusp of a return to greatness? Are his past transgressions no longer a distraction? Woods’ win at The Memorial was a step in that direction. Complete Story

Worst Golf Partners

Sports PhotoIt’s still a little while before the next major golf tournament, so SC’s Angus Saul takes a light-hearted look at the amateur game. If you play golf regularly, there’s a good chance you’ve had one of these partners. Complete Story

Breaking Down the Masters 2012

Sports PhotoIt’s the beginning of April now, and so what better time than to look at the candidates for the 2012 Masters in Augusta? SC’s Angus Saul takes a punt on some potential winners, as well as a few outsiders. Complete Story

The Battle For No. 1

Sports PhotoWith three top British players battling it out for the top spot, British interest in the sport of golf is spiking. But is the rivalry taking the sport to new levels? SC’s Angus Saul takes a look at the way golf is going. Complete Story

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