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Our Long Nationals Nightmare is Over

Sports PhotoThe Washington Nationals fired manager Matt Williams this week, who didn't see the icebergs until after his dysfunctional ship sank, says SC's Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

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Old-Schoolers Flunk Papelbon vs. Harper

Sports PhotoThere's no defense for Jonathan Papelbon trying to choke teammate Bryce Harper, says SC's Jeff Kallman — but it didn't stop a lot of “old-schoolers” from trying. Complete Story

Pain, Not Champagne, For the Nats

Sports PhotoThe Washington Nationals' staggering collapse finished — and long possible re-modeling winter began — when the New York Mets bagged the NL East last Saturday, says SC's Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

The Royals Clinch the AL Central

Sports PhotoLast year, they needed the wild card play-in game to kick their way into a postseason run that ended one game short of a World Series triumph. This year, the Kansas City Royals won't have to worry about that kind of tension, says SC's Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

What Jung Ho Kang's Injury Means For Pirates

Sports PhotoThe Pirates are in the middle of a grueling playoff hunt that has pitted them against two tough rivals from their division. It's all hands on deck for the Pirates, which is why it was a bad time to see Jung Ho Kang go down. Complete Story

Simple Solutions For Jon Lester's Mind-Boggling Issue

Sports PhotoSC's Louie Centanni examines Jon Lester's issues with throwing the ball to first base. He offers four possible band-aids that will allow Lester to think “outside of the box” and rewire his brain, assuming he doesn't just go for the best solution: dominating. Complete Story

The Top Five Bullpens in Baseball

Sports PhotoWhen things are going well for an MLB team, it's easy for fans to undervalue the role of the bullpen. But when things go off the rails for the bullpen, people remember pretty quickly. Which teams have had the advantage in the bullpen this year? Here are the top five bullpens in baseball. Complete Story

Big Papi: From Hard Times to 500

Sports PhotoIt wasn't easy to believe David Ortiz could keep Father Time out of his lineup as June 10 arrived and he had only 6 homers; with an anemic batting average and on-base percentage, he looked too much his age. Yet somehow, some way, he hit No. 500. Complete Story

Running on Empty

Sports PhotoTowards the end of every season, managers have to be conscious of how much their players will have left in the tank come playoff time. Here are four players that may see more bench time than fans would like moving forward. Complete Story

Baseball's Top Five Best Prospects

Sports Photo Baseball teams aren't built in a day, and neither are the players that comprise them. It takes years to train young players to a professional level, and if you're a fan of the minor league, watching that talent develop is half the fun. Here are five minor league prospects showing the most promise. Complete Story

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