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A Modest Proposal

Sports PhotoFor SC’s Ross Lancaster, 2013-14 has been about as good as a regular season has ever been. But with the extremely unbalanced nature of the two conferences, it could have been even better. See what his plan is for reshaping the standings and scheduling to make a better NBA. Complete Story

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The Race For the Final Playoff Spots

Sports PhotoThe last two playoff spots in the ultra-competitive, ultra-talented Western Conference are up for grabs between the Mavs, Grizzlies, and Suns in the last weeks of the season. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at the battle and why the last teams in might not be pushovers in the first round. Complete Story

Questions and Answers

Sports PhotoLast week, Steve Nash said part of his motivation for not retiring is to collect the remainder of his salary. Nash’s honesty amazed SC’s Corrie Trouw, who wonders why we hate to hear our athletes speak openly about certain taboo topics. Complete Story

Five Games to Watch Down the Stretch

Sports PhotoWith the All-Star Game and trade deadline for 2014 now history, it’s time for the final third of the NBA season and exciting battles for playoff spots and top seeds. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at five games that will help define the playoff picture. Complete Story

Number One Stunner

Sports PhotoMany know that the basketball season is going on, but now that the Super Bowl is over, more are actually starting to pay attention. They may be taken back by the current league standings, but have no fear. SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to figure out how these surprises came to be. Complete Story

Wacky Wolves

Sports PhotoCurrently, the Minnesota Timberwolves only have the 11th best record in the West. However, according to one common statistic, they should be much, much better. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at what’s gone wrong and why the T-Wolves could make a run in the second half of the season. Complete Story

David Stern, Model Commissioner

Sports PhotoNBA Commissioner David Stern will retire in the next few weeks after 30 years on the job. SC’s Corrie Trouw says Stern’s importance isn’t in how well he his job, but rather what he made his job into. Complete Story

Solving Tanking Doesn’t Mean Reinventing the Wheel

Sports PhotoA new, radical proposal for the draft released around Christmas got SC’s Ross Lancaster thinking about tanking. While it’s not a big issue at this point in the season, it’s sure to become a problem. He says the answer is simpler than you might think. Complete Story

Putting the Young Season Into Song

Sports PhotoWith the end of the calendar year approaching, and end-of-year, best of 2013 music lists being released, SC’s Ross Lancaster thought he’d take a look at the NBA season so far with a tip of the cap to five songs released in 2013. Complete Story

Lord, We Give You Tanks

Sports PhotoThere’s no denying that the 2014 class of NBA prospects is a strong one. But how far will teams go to grab that coveted “franchise player?” SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to wrap his mind around all the fuss. Complete Story

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