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The Freedom of Speculation

Sports PhotoThe Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the freedoms the United States offers. SC’s Jonathan Lowe takes “liberties” with this concept and tells us why it took NBA free agency a couple of days to open up to it. Complete Story

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Free Agency’s Elephant in the Room

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster looks at an interesting dynamic of the upcoming NBA free agency period and 2016’s big increase in the salary cap. He focuses on why this year’s free agents might be able to hold huge leverage in negotiations now and in the future. Complete Story

Tanks for Nothing

Sports PhotoA week after the Warriors won the NBA Finals, SC’s Corrie Trouw examines what Golden State’s win means for Philadelphia and the assumption that the only way to the top of the league is through tanking. Complete Story

A Boost of Greatness

Sports PhotoThe organizations in the NBA Finals are hungry for an NBA title. But for the respective stars, this would be the cherry on top of what could be legacy-building postseasons. SC’s Jonathan Lowe explains what LeBron and Steph could be building. Complete Story

Can the Cavs Pull Off the Unthinkable?

Sports PhotoSunday night’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors had to be seen to be believed. Regardless of incredulity levels, the series is now 1-1 headed to Cleveland. SC’s Ross Lancaster asks if the Cavs can somehow claim an improbable first championship. Complete Story

Hawks/Rockets: As Good as They’ll Get?

Sports PhotoAtlanta and Houston seemed poised to make big steps when they reached the NBA’s Conference Finals. But after both teams were trounced, SC’s Corrie Trouw wonders whether either organization is setup to build on this season’s success. Complete Story

NBA Draft: Decisions, Decisions

Sports PhotoThe NBA draft order is set. But that’s just a preliminary answer to all the questions that will be answered in late June. SC’s Jonathan Lowe offers up the “top of mind” inquiries he’s looking to have resolved. Complete Story

Why a Warriors’ Title Might Be Inevitable

Sports PhotoAfter a wild second round of games, the NBA playoffs are down to the Conference Finals. But with the two East teams having issues, and the Warriors matching up ideally with the Rockets, SC’s Ross Lancaster thinks it would be a major shock if the title didn’t go to the Bay Area. Complete Story

Donovan to OKC: Secondary Needs

Sports PhotoBilly Donovan left the University of Florida Thursday to become the coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder. SC’s Corrie Trouw writes, for all involved parties, the move is a push to get out of second gear. Complete Story

When Success Isn’t Enough

Sports PhotoScott Brooks isn’t the first coach to be fired relieved from a successful tenure. But can Oklahoma City hit the right notes to win an NBA championship in the near future? SC’s Jonathan Lowe finds examples that the Thunder can model their franchise after. Complete Story

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