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Kevin Durant’s Second Big Decision

Sports PhotoWith the NBA playoffs largely going according to form, and the second round’s climax still days away, SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at how the Warriors might look drastically different going forward if Kevin Durant opts out of his two-year deal to try to get a four-year, $200+ million contract. Complete Story

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Cleveland, There’s No Defending This

Sports PhotoThe Cleveland Cavaliers continue their march to a repeat, but can they truly call this a “defense” of their championship? SC’s Jonathan Lowe shows why a lack of “D” could make for some history. Complete Story

Awards and All-NBA Teams For 2016-17

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster gives his NBA awards for the 2016-17 season, including why he thinks Russell Westbrook is the the MVP and why it’s time for a fourth team All-NBA. Complete Story

The Rhythm With the Boogie

Sports PhotoThe DeMarcus Cousins trade appeared to be a coup for the New Orleans Pelicans. But can this new influx of talent eventually push the team over the top? SC’s Jonathan Lowe finds some answers to the contrary. Complete Story

What’s Up in Washington?

Sports PhotoIt seems like business as usual in the NBA. Upon closer examination, however, there’s a strange obstacle on the horizon. In Washington, this obstacle is affectionately known as the Washington Wizards. Complete Story

How the Celtics Won the Deadline By Standing Pat

Sports PhotoThe conventional wisdom after the trade deadline has been that the Boston Celtics “lost” by not giving up draft picks and valuable pieces for an all-star like Jimmy Butler or Paul George. SC’s Ross Lancaster writes about how wrong that line of thinking is, and how Boston is truly a winner. Complete Story

That Sweet Wasatch Sound

Sports PhotoIt’s a fact of life that very few teams have a shot at the title once the season begins. Doesn’t mean that the drama is lacking as teams jockeying for their chance at glory. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into a possible new entrant in the race for a championship. Complete Story

D’Antoni Turns Back the Clock

Sports PhotoStarting in late 2004, Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash’s Suns changed the NBA. SC’s Ross Lancaster writes about how in 2017, in a league that embraced many of his offensive principles, but had also passed his coaching by, D’Antoni has reinvigorated his career with point guard James Harden. Complete Story

A Tale of the Highest Value

Sports PhotoAn NBA MVP line on the resume is something many players dream of. That’s definitely the case for two former teammates turned competitors. SC’s Jonathan Lowe discusses how it has come to be and why one could realize that dream. Complete Story

An Early Reveal

Sports PhotoIt’s early yet, but some things in the NBA never change … or do they? SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into a couple of items that might stay on as discussion points. Complete Story

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