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NBA Season: We’re Halfway There

Sports PhotoThe first act of the 2014 NBA season might not be over yet, but the production is at the halfway point. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks ahead in the program to what might happen at the end of each division’s Act II. Complete Story

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Which NBA Teams Are Making an Impression?

Sports PhotoAs we hit the quarter-mark of the NBA season, which teams have (and have not) impressed SC’s Jonathan Lowe? He looks back on the season to date, then looks forward a few months into the future. Complete Story

Basketball Needs to Quit Acting Like Soccer

Sports PhotoIf you’re anything like SC’s Ross Lancaster, you won’t be watching much of the upcoming World Cup of Basketball. He says the amount of international hoops competition needs to be reduced, and that FIBA should quit trying to be like soccer. Complete Story

Grading the NBA Decision-Makers

Sports PhotoLeBron James’ handled his second free agency with less hype than his first, but the sports media certainly didn’t. SC’s Corrie Trouw hands out grades for how some of the story’s key media players fared on LeBron’s second decision. Complete Story

LeBron Makes Another Wrong Decision

Sports PhotoWith many fans celebrating LeBron James’ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, SC’s Brad Oremland explains why James is still acting in his own interests, and why fans who were upset by The Decision shouldn’t be so quick to forgive King James. Complete Story

What’s the Scenario?

Sports PhotoEveryone has an idea of where the big-name NBA free agents will play next season. But how will it affect the balance of power out east? SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at the contenders might be thinking. Complete Story

If They Were All in Their Primes…

Sports PhotoAs NBA fans wonder about the futures of players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh, SC’s Brad Oremland considers a different sort of superteam: elevating great teams by putting everyone in their prime. Complete Story

2014 NBA Draft Studs and Duds

Sports PhotoIt’s 2014 NBA draft day and SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at two players he sees as being stars in the NBA, and two players that could disappoint their teams greatly. Complete Story

Living the Game

Sports PhotoWith rumors swirling suggesting Carmelo Anthony could join Miami’s Big Three, SC’s Corrie Trouw wonders why fans dislike NBA superteams so strongly and how the Heat became the team to root against. Complete Story

2014 NBA Finals Aftermath

Sports PhotoFollowing the greatest sports weekend of 2014, SC’s Brad Oremland focuses on the NBA Finals. In a column with as many questions as answers, we look at the legacies of both the Spurs and the Heat. Complete Story

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