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SC’s NBA Awards and All-NBA Teams

Sports PhotoIt’s been nothing if not an absolutely historic season thus far in the NBA. After the end of the 2015-16 regular season, SC’s Ross Lancaster selects his picks for individual awards and All-NBA Team honors. Complete Story

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Home Court in the Western Conference

Sports PhotoOn April 1, the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors were a combined 74-0 at home. With the Warriors dropping back-to-back home games and then beating the Spurs in San Antonio, SC’s Brad Oremland wonders what it all means for the playoffs. Complete Story

Able or Unstable?

Sports PhotoThere’s not much question about playoff teams having solid bases. But do any of those non-playoff entities have the same thing? SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to figure out which franchises might be looking to upgrade their team’s foundations. Complete Story

Why is the Big O Criticizing Curry?

Sports PhotoThe past week, Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson took some shots at Stephen Curry, the NBA’s reigning MVP and current scoring leader. It’s not the first time in history a former player has criticized something about the game in the modern era, but it’s certainly curious timing. Complete Story

Canadian Rapt-ure

Sports PhotoIt’s the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Eastern Conference to lose come playoff time. Can anyone challenge King James and his Court for an NBA Finals appearance? SC’s Jonathan Lowe makes the case for a team that made their own recent statement. Complete Story

Getting With It

Sports PhotoWe’ve all known what adding and subtracting can do since we were a child. But in the NBA, doing that simple task on one item could be the difference between history and misery. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into examples from the first half. Complete Story

Has the Tide Turned to the NBA’s East?

Sports PhotoThrough a quarter of the NBA season, the Eastern Conference surprisingly looks stronger, by records, than the West for the first time in years. SC’s Ross Lancaster investigates what’s behind early trend, and if the East can keep it up this season. Complete Story

Why the Warriors Will Break the Record

Sports PhotoSC’s Louie Centanni explains why the Golden State Warriors’ run will lead them to eclipse the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ mark of 72-10. However, he argues that this will not necessarily make them greater. Complete Story

Same Fight, Different Round

Sports PhotoAllen Iverson accepted the NBA Players Association’s inaugural “Game Changer” award last week with an emotional speech. SC’s Corrie Trouw says that Iverson once again reminded the sports world the power of perseverance and self-belief. Complete Story

The Forgotten Winners of the Offseason

Sports PhotoAny year’s “winners” of the NBA offseason are always likely to be the teams who signed or re-signed the most elite free agents. However, there are just as many teams who didn’t make the splashiest moves who have good chances to improve. SC’s Ross Lancaster takes a look. Complete Story

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