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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 7

Sports PhotoThe Packers say “Hail Mary” as the Saints come to Lambeau Field, while the Jets visit Rick James Stadium in Miami. Denver’s “No Fly Zone” heads to San Diego’s “No Fan Zone,” and the Eagles host the ‘Skins. Complete Story

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2017 NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoWeek 6 was a mess of upsets, comebacks, and whatever that was in New Orleans. SC’s Brad Oremland checks the Deshaun Watson hype train, the Carolina ground game, and the state of the 49ers franchise — and that TD reversal from Jets/Pats. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 6

Sports PhotoJoe Flacco schools Mitch Trubisky, while the Dolphins look to rehab their image against the Falcons. The Jets host the pats in a key AFC East battle, and Tom Price introduces Denver’s “No Fly Zone” on Monday night. Complete Story

2017 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoThe Eagles and Bengals are coming together, the Raiders and Giants are floundering, and no one can beat the Chiefs. SC’s Brad Oremland evaluates Ben Roethlisberger’s future, Jay Cutler’s present, and Deshaun Watson’s hype. Complete Story

A Not-So Bird’s Eye View

Sports PhotoIt’s no secret; Philadelphia loves their sports teams. However, the City of Brotherly Love has also developed a reputation for their fans being reckless, bitter, and often downright destructive. SC’s Robert Campbell argues, though, that maybe there is more to Philly fans than meets the eye. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 5

Sports PhotoThe Bucs host the Pats, while all service dogs heel for the anthem at MetLife Stadium. Antonio Brown plays “touche” football, and the Texans try to slow the Chiefs. Check out SC’s predictions! Complete Story

2017 NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoAfter terrible officiating marred multiple games on Sunday, SC’s Brad Oremland slams the refs, plus: daffy announcing calls, why the Ravens are unsportsmanlike, why not to give up on Atlanta, and which team’s secondary needs a cool nickname. Complete Story

14-Team Playoff Would Be NFL “Fairness Doctrine”

Sports PhotoThe NFL owners have been dangling the possibility of an expanded playoff field in front of the fans since the Houston Texans became the league’s 32nd franchise in 2002. SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why doing this makes eminent good sense. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 4

Sports PhotoThe Ravens and Steelers square off in Baltimore, while Allen Iverson makes an appearance at Colts practice. Kirk Cousins talks ‘“shock jocks,” and Odell Beckham looks to raise his game, not his leg. Complete Story

2017 NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoWith upsets across the NFL landscape, SC’s Brad Oremland highlights special teams glory, proposes rule tweaks for unnecessary roughness, doles out blame for the Giants’ offense, and warns not to underestimate the Falcons and Broncos. Complete Story

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