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Super Bowl LI Preview

Sports PhotoAfter two more playoff blowouts, we get a terrific Super Bowl matchup of red-hot teams, matching the highest-scoring offense against the top defense in football. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the conference championships and predicts who will be the winner of Super Bowl LI. Complete Story

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NFL Weekly Predictions: Conf. Championships

Sports PhotoThe Packers and Falcons do battle in what may be the highest scoring game of inches in NFC championship history, while Bill Belichick consults his 35-page dossier full of info to stop the Steelers. Check out SC’s championship week predictions! Complete Story

NFL 2016-17 Divisional Weekend

Sports PhotoThe Patriots and Falcons rolled, the Packers won a classic, and Chris Boswell powered Pittsburgh past the Chiefs. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the games, with predictions for the conference championship, plus the All-Loser Team. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Divisional

Sports PhotoThe Falcons host the Seahawks, while Tom Brady whips out his jammie against the Texans. The Chiefs try to slow the Steelers, and Dallas tries to outrun the table against the Packers, says SC’s Jeffrey Boswell. Complete Story

NFL 2016-17 Wild Card Weekend

Sports PhotoHome teams went 4-0 this weekend, all winning easily, with no drama after the third quarter. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the wild card games, with predictions for the next round, plus HOF evaluations. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Wild Card

Sports PhotoThe Texans host the Raiders in a game quarterbacked by two true “wild cards,” while Seattle looks to regains its mojo. The Dolphins try to keep Pittsburgh’s “Big Three” off the field, and the Giants and Packers battle in frigid Green Bay. Complete Story

Sports Central 2016 NFL All-Pro Team

Sports PhotoThe NFL’s 2016 regular season is over, and it’s time to hand out year-end honors. SC’s Brad Oremland presents our NFL All-Pro team, plus awards including Most Valuable Player, Coach of the Year, and Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year. Complete Story

2016 NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoIn the final power rankings of the 2016 season, SC’s Brad Oremland offers playoff predictions, plus: the Atlanta Falcons’ historic offense, Jared Goff, Robert Mathis, and this year’s best announcers. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 17

Sports PhotoThe Lions host the Packers for the NFC East crown, while Tom Brady says “D, you, and I” in New England. Former Steeler great Terry Bradshaw has “dumb-mentia,” and the Broncos host the Raiders and “McLovin.” Check out SC’s predictions! Complete Story

2016 NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoThe Packers are rolling, the Lions are reeling, the AFC playoffs are pretty much set, and the Browns won a game. SC’s Brad Oremland ranks the league, including a new team in last place, plus: how good are the playoff-bound Dolphins? Complete Story

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