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2016 NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoSC’s Brad Oremland ranks all 32 teams, highlights the week’s best players, and questions Eli Manning’s clutchness. Plus: Carson Wentz, Brock Osweiler, and the sinking level of NFL pregame shows. Complete Story

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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 3

Sports PhotoThe Broncos and Bengals clash in Cincinnati, and the Browns take their talents to South Beach, while the Dolphins bring the “Heat.” Josh Norman and Odell Beckham, Jr. race off, and the Saints host the Falcons. It’s Week 3’s predictions! Complete Story

2016 NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoSC’s Brad Oremland hands out game balls, ranks all 32 teams, and throws water on the hype for first-round QBs Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz. Plus: why Houston is ranked second, and which defensive player is approaching Hall of Fame territory. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 2

Sports PhotoThe Bengals and Steelers battle for early control of the AFC North, while the Redskins and Cowboys look for a win. The Vikes host the Packers, and the Raiders go for two vs. the Falcons. It’s Week 2! Complete Story

2016 NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoThe NFL is back, and so are Sports Central’s NFL power rankings. SC’s Brad Oremland hands out game balls, ranks all 32 teams, and explains why we should cool the hype for the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott. Plus: Week 2 selection in survivor pools. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 1

Sports PhotoCam Newton looks for redemption, and a few fumble recoveries, against the Broncos. The Cardinals host the Tom Brady-less Patriots, and Kirk Cousins leads the ‘Skins against the Steelers. It’s Week 1! Complete Story

2016 NFL Preseason Power Rankings

Sports PhotoWith the NFL’s 2016 regular season set to open this week, SC’s Brad Oremland reveals his preseason power rankings, including playoff and Super Bowl predictions, the strongest division, and the best Week 1 selection in survivor pools. Complete Story

Why L.A. Rams Won’t Be Better Than St. Louis Rams

Sports PhotoFans of the Rams, whether located in Los Angeles or the team’s former home of St. Louis, shouldn’t be too optimistic about the fortunes of the franchise changing in the immediate future, says SC’s Jack Choros. Complete Story

Colin Kaepernick Stands Up

Sports PhotoCan an athlete stand up by sitting down? SC’s Brad Oremland explains why San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick should not be reviled for sitting during the singing of the national anthem. Complete Story

Over/Under: New NFL Coaches

Sports PhotoSeven of the NFL’s 32 teams have changed head coaches since the start of the 2015 regular season. SC’s Brad Oremland evaluates the new hires, and examines their situations, producing an over/under figure on how long each tenure will last. Complete Story

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