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How to Do an NFL Team in London

Sports PhotoThe National Football League is committed to putting a franchise in London, England. However, travel arrangements represent one of many headaches to be solved before such a plan could work for teams. SC’s Brad Oremland explains how. Complete Story

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Not Just Michael Vick

Sports PhotoWith Michael Vick claiming that he inspired running quarterbacks and “revolutionized” professional football, SC’s Brad Oremland suggests that Vick may be overestimating his own influence and importance. Complete Story

Secrets of the 2014 NFL Season

Sports PhotoWho will win Super Bowl XLIX? Can the Bills challenge the Patriots in the AFC East? What are Johnny Manziel’s Halloween plans? What’s in store for Ed Reed? Should Ray Rice take the stairs? Get the answers in in SC’s predictions. Complete Story

Say No to the NFL’s 18-Game Schedule

Sports PhotoNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently reiterated his intention to institute an 18-game regular season. SC’s Brad Oremland explains why fans should join players in opposing an expanded schedule. Complete Story

Michael Sam and “Tweeners”

Sports PhotoIn last week’s NFL draft, SEC Defensive Player of the Year and openly gay Michael Sam was selected in the 249th pick, one of the last players chosen. SC’s Brad Oremland says Sam wasn’t picked late just because his size makes him a tweener. Complete Story

2014 NFL Draft Winners and Losers

Sports PhotoSC’s Brad Oremland evaluates the 2014 NFL Draft, naming the winners and losers, including the colleges that did best and worst, whether the selection of Blake Bortles sinks Jacksonville’s draft, and a review of the Robert Griffin III trade. Complete Story

A Decade Later: Grading the 2004 Draft

Sports PhotoWith the 2014 NFL Draft approaching, let’s put expectations in context with a glance in the rearview, as SC’s Brad Oremland identifies the most and least successful teams in the 2004 draft that produced Eli Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jared Allen. Complete Story

Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Big Ben

Sports PhotoThe first round of the 2004 NFL draft produced Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger. A decade into their careers, SC’s Brad Oremland compares the three quarterbacks and ranks how they’ve done so far in their careers. Complete Story

The HOF Case For Ricky Watters

Sports PhotoRicky Watters is one of only six players with 10,000 rushing yards, 4,000 receiving yards, and 90 TDs. SC’s Brad Oremland argues that Watters deserves consideration for the Hall of Fame, and challenges fans to identify Watters’ worst season. Complete Story

Dalton is Bengals’ QB of the Future

Sports PhotoResponding to a hit piece on Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals, SC’s Brad Oremland highlights Dalton’s early success, arguing that the 26-year-old appears to have a bright future as a QB. Complete Story

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