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Contenders Face Early Exits in New NHL Playoff Format

Sports PhotoFollowing the NHL’s divisional realignment, a new division-focused format was announced for the playoffs. But while this format emphasizes divisional rivalries, it creates the potential for a highly skewed first round — and teams in strong divisions will be punished because of it. Complete Story

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Five Questions For the NHL’s Second Half

Sports PhotoWith the Olympic hockey tournament heading into its final stages, it’s time to look ahead to the remainder of the NHL season. What are the biggest questions as the NHL resumes? SC’s Mike Chen takes a look. Complete Story

Will NHL Overkill its Outdoor Game Plan?

Sports PhotoThe NHL just expanded its outdoor game schedule from just the Winter Classic to six total games all over North America. SC’s Mike Chen asks: will this trend continue or will the NHL burn out its golden goose? Complete Story

What Will Steven Stamkos Do Now?

Sports PhotoJust two weeks after suffering a broken leg, Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos is walking around without crutches or a cast. With this accelerated timetable, his options open up, but his risks become greater. Complete Story

Bad Starts Don’t Always Sink a Season

Sports PhotoA handful of teams are starting the NHL season behind the pack. For fans of the Philadelphia Flyers, Edmonton Oilers, Buffalo Sabres, and others, is the season over before it really began? SC’s Mike Chen says there’s still time — about two months before it’s time to throw in the towel. Complete Story

Why the Coyotes May Finally Work

Sports PhotoWhen the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes became official, it seemed too surreal to believe. But on the cusp of the 2013-14 season, they have the one ingredient long missing from the franchise: stability. Complete Story

New CBA Hasn’t Killed Free Agents … Yet

Sports PhotoAs the NHL finished its labor negotiations for the new CBA, many pundits were worried that it would squeeze out the middle class of players. Has this happened in the first year of free agency under the new CBA? SC’s Mike Chen takes a look. Complete Story

Lessons Learned From a Shortened Season

Sports PhotoThe NHL season stated in January with uncertainty and is ending with one of the most thrilling Stanley Cup playoffs in recent memory. SC’s Mike Chen takes a look back at the quirky nature of one lockout, 48 games, and four playoff rounds. Complete Story

The Year of Rask

Sports PhotoThis year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs have been entertaining as usual as we see the first Original Six matchup since 1979. The Blackhawks are trying to stick with the Bruins, but goaltender Tuukka Rask looks like he might be too hot to beat. SC’s Andrew Jones takes a closer look. Complete Story

It’s Time For a NHL Coach’s Challenge

Sports PhotoAt some point, fans of every playoff team have felt jilted by the officiating. This year’s version has seen its share of gaffes, and SC’s Mike Chen explores how a coach’s challenge can address this. Complete Story

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