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NHL’s Wild West Sees Unpredictable Finish

Sports PhotoThe NHL’s Western Conference has had the stronger group of teams for the past few season. That has created memorable and unpredictable stretch runs, and this year’s version promises to be just as chaotic. Complete Story

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Winners and Losers In NHL’s First Half

Sports PhotoWith nearly half of the NHL season over, fans have seen it all: overachievement, underachievement, injury, and illness. But more so than most seasons, the 2014-15 campaign comes with plenty of uncertainty, and things can quickly change. Complete Story

Bad Teams Have Two Months to Shape Up

Sports PhotoIt’s one month into the NHL season and some fan-bases are ready to throw in the towel. But is it too early to give up hope? For floundering teams, there’s still time to turn things around and look to finishing strong, says SC’s Mike Chen. Complete Story

Injuries Make Impacts Before Opening Night

Sports PhotoAs the old saying goes, you can’t win the Stanley Cup in October, but you can certainly lose it. Significant injuries put teams in immediate jeopardy, and difficult starts can often derail a season even before it starts. Here are three situations that will wreak major havoc on their teams. Complete Story

Rough Summer Waters For San Jose Sharks

Sports PhotoThe San Jose Sharks have been a model of consistency for more the past decade. But strife on the roster and in the locker room has made 2014 the roughest — and most intriguing — summer in team history. Are they doomed from the start or is the upcoming season a blessing in disguise? Complete Story

NHL Teams Facing an Identity Crisis

Sports PhotoThree big NHL teams are looking to shake up the culture of their teams this offseason. Will it prove to be a successful paradigm shift or will it become a failed chemistry experiment? SC’s Mike Chen takes a look. Complete Story

NHL’s West Gets Stronger

Sports PhotoWith the dust mostly settled on recent flurry of major trades and signings in the NHL, there’s no clear winner. However, the Western Conference collectively walked away with more weapons, making an already fierce competition even tougher. Complete Story

Stanley Cup Finals: It’s the Kings’ to Lose

Sports PhotoGame 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals is over and the Los Angeles Kings have a 2-0 lead on the New York Rangers. SC’s Andrew Jones looks at the journey of these two somewhat unexpected finalists and gives his prediction for how it will all end. Complete Story

Ousted NHL Contenders Face Summer Upheaval

Sports PhotoThe San Jose Sharks, St. Louis Blues, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Boston Bruins all considered themselves Stanley Cup contenders. But after stunning defeats, each team faces a summer of uncertainty. SC’s Mike Chen takes a closer look. Complete Story

Can Teams Replicate the Avalanche’s Success?

Sports PhotoA year after being bottom-feeders, the Colorado Avalanche are among the elite in the West. Teams like Edmonton and Buffalo are taking notes to see if they can recreate Colorado’s magic formula. Complete Story

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