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Tragedy in Brazilian Soccer

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane takes a sobering look at the plane crash that took out an elite Brazilian soccer team Monday night, and what that means for the team and the city it represented in this week’s Slant Pattern. Complete Story

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Slant Pattern’s College Football Mailbag

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane looks at college football mailbags of other sports columnists. He sees at least another year for Kevin Sumlin and Brian Kelly, respect for the Pac-12, and vulnerable teams in the Big 10 East. Complete Story

College Football Playoff Predictions

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane takes a look at the remaining schedules of the AP top 10 and, when judged against their to-this-point body of work, looks at who ends up in the playoffs. Complete Story

2016 Day 1 College Basketball Preview

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane takes a look at the opening night of college basketball. Four heavyweights travel to Hawaii. North Carolina goes to New Orleans, Navy plays host to a doubleheader, and more in this week’s edition of the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Dick Enberg’s Great Broadcasting Career

Sports PhotoVin Scully wasn’t the only announcer hanging it up last week — Dick Enberg, whose career also spanned decades, retired, as well. Enberg was everywhere on the airwaves nationally for over 20 years, capping a great and memorable career. Complete Story

Peterson’s Sports Bar Walkthrough: Why it’s No Big Deal

Sports PhotoA lot of people were appalled that star back Adrian Peterson, on top of being injured, had to get walked through a high-end sports bar to have his injury looked at. But this is really no big deal, and if it is to you, other things should be an even bigger deal. Complete Story

Around the Sports Twitterverse

Sports PhotoIn this edition of the Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane looks at a few tweets and weighs in on them, from Donald Trump’s sporting claims of greatness to Jabari Ruffin’s insufficient punishment, and more. Complete Story

An Ode to Eastern Michigan

Sports PhotoEastern Michigan has been the worst program in FCS football for a long time, and one of the biggest brains in college football is predicting more doom for them in 2016. SC’s Kevin Beane looks at why EMU has struggled and the extent of those struggles. Complete Story

Liveblogging the Olympics

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane goes to channel surf through some Olympic volleyball, boxing (what’s up with the judges?) and weightlifting (what’s up with the mononames?) in the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Chris Sale: Right Idea, Wrong Subject

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane gives kudos to Chris Sale for standing up to management, a rare thing in team sports, and making a compelling, non-selfish case for why he did what he did. But he’s still wrong, and you can find out why in the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

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