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Thoughts on Tennis Parenting

Sports PhotoTennis parenting is an ongoing discussion as each youngster grapples with the challenges of the competitive tennis world as they grow up to realize their dream of becoming champions. SC’s Mert Ertunga takes up the discussion and pinpoints an under-represented aspect of it. Complete Story

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In Defense of Arnaud Clément

Sports PhotoThe Swiss beat the French to capture their first Davis Cup title. Since then, French captain Arnaud Clement has been under fire. Now that two weeks have passed and cooler heads prevail, SC’s Mert Ertunga explains why Clément shouldn’t be blamed. Complete Story

Changing of the Guard in Men’s Tennis?

Sports PhotoSC’s Mert Ertunga talks about why the arrival of new faces into the top 10 is, this time around, a true changing of the guard. He differentiates between anomalies, flash-in-the-pan performers, and the steady risers who will represent the face of the ATP. Complete Story

U.S. Open: Top ATP Players Out of Form

Sports PhotoThe two big hard court tournaments of the pre-U.S. Open period have ended. On the ATP side, the field seems wide open for the last Slam of the year in New York. Complete Story

Roland Garros vs. Wimbledon Fans (Pt. 2)

Sports PhotoIn the second portion of this two-part comparison between how the French tennis fans view Roland Garros versus how the British view Wimbledon, SC’s Mert Ertunga focuses on Wimbledon’s fans. Complete Story

Roland Garros vs. Wimbledon Fans

Sports PhotoFans have different patterns, behaviors, and motivations when attending a tournament. SC’s Mert Ertunga talked fans from each of the summer’s two majors, live on the grounds of each tournament. He highlights the contrast between them. Complete Story

2014 French Open: Parting Thoughts

Sports PhotoRoland Garros 2014 rejuvenated the women’s field with all the newcomers and reconfirmed Rafael Nadal’s supremacy. SC’s Mert Ertunga attended the tournament and gives an overview of the final results. Complete Story

Q&A With Co-Founder of Gallipoli Youth Cup

Sports PhotoThe Gallipoli Youth Cup in Australia is one of the special tournaments in the Juniors ITF tournament calendar. SC’s Mert Ertunga spoke with Umit Oraloglu, one of the the two co-founders to discuss its significance as a historical event. Complete Story

From the Tennis Industry: PACIFIC Aiming Higher

Sports PhotoIn the tennis industry, there are several companies in fierce competition. SC’s Mert Ertunga recently spoke to Bastian Grundler with PACIFIC, who is responsible for the Global Brand and Player Services. Complete Story

Fresh Faces For the WTA

Sports PhotoIn Charleston, tennis fans witnessed the rise of a few younger talents who look to challenge the top women players. SC’s Mert Ertunga explains why the moment of their takeover is not only closer than ever, but also much needed for tennis. Complete Story

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