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Roland Garros Finals Are Approaching

Sports PhotoThe Grand Slam summer in tennis began on May 22, and now the 2016 French Open is already heading towards its ending. The start was a bit surprising, as we all know Roger Federer pulled out due to a back injury, but the games so far have had plenty of storylines worth following. Complete Story

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Top Five Unexpected Tennis Underdog Wins

Sports PhotoUsually in a given era, the major tennis Grand Slam titles only seem to cycle between a small number of great players’ hands. There have been many unforgettable unexpected tennis underdog wins. Here are five of our favorites. Complete Story

Rule Changes? Tennis According to McEnroe

Sports PhotoJohn McEnroe is always one to voice his opinion. Earlier this year, he spoke about the rule changes he would make. SC's Luke Broadbent looks at his proposals. Complete Story

U.S. Open: Federer's Last Chance to Win?

Sports PhotoRoger Federer has eased his way through to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. With Andy Murray gone and a good draw, SC's Luke Broadbent thinks this could be his best chance to get another Grand Slam. Complete Story

The Healthy State of Great Britain Tennis

Sports PhotoWith Great Britain due to play Australia in the semifinals of the Davis Cup next month, SC's Luke Broadbent looks at the good state of British tennis at the moment. Complete Story

Novak Djokovic and Being Third

Sports PhotoSC’s Mert Ertunga takes a closer look at the dynamics of Novak Djokovic’s rivalry with his two main rivals, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, and points to the steep hill that he has to climb to reach their statuses. Complete Story

Notes From Indian Wells and the Pro Tour

Sports PhotoThe first quarter of the 2015 tennis season is slowly coming to an end. Fresh from spending a few days in Indian Wells, SC’s Mert Ertunga gives updates the news around both professional tours. Complete Story

Marsel Ilhan Makes History Again

Sports PhotoMarsel Ilhan, the best player from Turkey, yet little-known player in the world rankings, made history in the ATP Dubai 500 tournament. SC’s Mert Ertunga puts into perspective Ilhan’s achievement. Complete Story

Leaving the Australian Open Behind

Sports PhotoThe first major of the 2015 has ended. SC’s Mert Ertunga shares his thoughts on three aspects that this Australian Open has underlined over the two weeks. It concerns men’s doubles, the status of teenagers in majors, and the scheduling of tournaments. Complete Story

Thoughts on Tennis Parenting

Sports PhotoTennis parenting is an ongoing discussion as each youngster grapples with the challenges of the competitive tennis world as they grow up to realize their dream of becoming champions. SC’s Mert Ertunga takes up the discussion and pinpoints an under-represented aspect of it. Complete Story

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