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Why the NBA Calendar Might Change Forever

Sports PhotoAfter an unprecedented NBA season has come to a conclusion, SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at why the next one might start later than you think, the consequences, and why what we’ve come to expect from an NBA calendar could change forever. Complete Story

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Joe Morgan, RIP: The Machine’s Main Man

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman remembers the Hall of Fame second baseman whom the Houston Astros let escape to become the final but most important gear in Cincinnati’s legendary Big Red Machine. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 6

Sports PhotoThe Titans employ the “spread” offense against the Texans, while Teddy Bridgewater and Mike Davis run the (cheaper) option offense vs. the Bears. It’s “GOAT” vs. “Stubborn as a Goat” as the Packers visit the Bucs, and the Chiefs and Bills look to rebound. It’s Week 6! Complete Story

Slant Pattern’s College Sports Covid Landscape

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane takes an updated look at how college sports are handling the Covid pandemic, and while he has time for a bit of crowing about a prediction and finding a cause celebre in early schedule finalization, he is ultimately unhappy with what he sees. Complete Story

A Cruel, Unfair Rep For Renteria

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says Rick Renteria, recently fired as the Chicago White Sox manager, is now that rare bird — fired by both teams in a two-team major league city. Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Charlotte

Sports PhotoChase Elliott won at Charlotte’s Roval course as the NASCAR playoff field was trimmed to eight drivers. Joey Logano finished second, while defending champion Kyle Busch was eliminated from playoff contention. Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s NASCAR top 10 power rankings! Complete Story

Is Lack of Crowds Diluting Home Advantage in NFL?

Sports PhotoRoad teams are holding their own in the NFL so far this year. Must be the empty or near-empty stadiums, right? Not by the hair on thy chinny chin chin, says SC’s Anthony Brancato, who points out that home teams got off to an even worse start last season. Complete Story

Disjointed Fan Attendance Policies Are a Problem

Sports PhotoConfusion and disorganization abounds when it comes to fan attendance guidelines at college football games in 2020, so which conferences and schools are doing the right thing? SC’s Steve Brenna takes a look. Complete Story

Cut the Crap

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says the Miami Marlins keeping a target on Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuna, Jr. is beyond out of hand. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 5

Sports PhotoThe Chiefs make Derek Carr sicker of losing, while in New England, quarterback play goes viral. Meanwhile, Adam Gase decides whether he’s a “sinker” or a “floater,” the Ravens look to go 2-Ohio, and the Colts and Browns battle in the “Trent Richardson Bowl.” It’s Week 5! Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Talladega

Sports PhotoDenny Hamlin won a dramatic and chaos-filled race at Talladega, winning by a mere .086 seconds. Hamlin and Kurt Busch are locked in to the Round of 8 via wins as the series heads to Charlotte Motor Speedway. Complete Story

The NFL and Covid: Don’t Panic … Yet

Sports PhotoDo you think that the NFL is going to let a mere pandemic stand in their way? Not until it becomes logistically impossible — and we’re nowhere near at that point yet. Complete Story

The Doc is In

Sports PhotoThe Doc Rivers era in Los Angeles is over. SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to find a connection between the coach’s old jobs and his new one back East in Philly. Complete Story

The Power of Postive Padre-ing

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says the Friars stole the show against the Cardinals with a pure, joyous battle royal Thursday and with embarrassing the Cardinals into three called strikeouts to win their wild card series. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 4

Sports PhotoChicago’s Pee D tries to stop the Colts, while the Rams look for “home cooking” against the Giants. The Chiefs host the Patriots, the Raider eye patch gets moved to the mouth, and the Packers and Falcons battle on Monday night. It’s Week 4! Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Las Vegas

Sports PhotoKurt Busch used a little luck to win at Las Vegas and advance to Round 3 of the NASCAR playoffs. The series next heads to Talladega for what is likely to be an unpredictable race. Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s NASCAR power rankings! Complete Story

Which 0-3 Team Might Make the Playoffs?

Sports PhotoTwo years ago, when the Texans made the playoffs after an 0-3 start, they became the first NFL team to do so in 20 years. This year, six teams, including the Texans again, have a chance to make it two teams in the last three years. Will any of them succeed? Complete Story

How Important is “Heat Culture?”

Sports PhotoDuring this year’s NBA playoffs, a lot has been made about how “Heat culture” is helping propel the Heat to unexpected championship contention. But as SC’s Ross Lancaster writes, there’s a bit more to it than just the organizational culture. Complete Story

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