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NFL Weekly Predictions: Conf. Championships

Sports PhotoPatrick Mahomes and the Chiefs go head-to-head, and toe-to-toe, with Josh Allen and the Bills for a trip to Tampa Bay. In the NFC, the Bucs’ Tom Brady looks to take the next step in his journey to being mentioned in the same breath with former QB Trent Dilfer. Complete Story

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Old Sexts Mean New Unemployment

Sports PhotoFor Mets general manager Jared Porter, fired the morning after his 2016 sexting of a foreign baseball correspondent came to disturbing light, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

Universal Doubleheaders in the NFL: Let’s Do It

Sports PhotoThe COVID-19 pandemic is just the thing to push the NFL owners make a long-overdue change — and SC’s Anthony Brancato writes what that change should be. Complete Story

Nets Are Looking For Shared Interests

Sports PhotoIt was the well-known secret that became the headline on the marquee. But can the spotlight be split three ways? SC’s Jonathan Lowe discusses the big trepidation with the new-look Nets. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Divisional

Sports PhotoJalen Ramsey and the Rams answer to the Lambeau mystique, while Lamar Jackson hopes the weather in Buffalo doesn’t “drop a load.” Meanwhile, the focused Chiefs have a case of “Brown-eye,” and Tom Brady and Drew Brees battle for old times sake. Complete Story

Tommy Lasorda, RIP: “I Made Guys Believe”

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says farewell to the longtime Los Angeles Dodgers manager and lifelong Dodgers icon who loved nothing more than being Tommy Lasorda. Complete Story

There Will Be Madness

Sports PhotoThere won’t be objections about finishing the college basketball season this March. SC’s Jean Neuberger discusses why this year’s March Madness, even in a one-state bubble with no fans, will move forward. Complete Story

Strength of Schedule: 2020 vs. 2021

Sports PhotoWill your favorite NFL team be playing a tougher schedule next season than they played this season, or an easier schedule? SC’s Anthony Brancato reveals the data. Complete Story

Slant Pattern 2020 Boxing Awards

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane gives his choice for fight of the year, fighter of the year, knockout of the year, and prospect of the year. Check it out! Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Wild Card

Sports PhotoThe Bills look to make history (stop repeating itself), while Tom Brady chases his seventh Super Bowl. The Ravens try to eject the Titanic monkey from their back, the Saints host the Bears, and the Steelers try to take care of business against Cleveland. Complete Story

2020: Once More For the Others Safe at Home

Sports PhotoIn his latest column, SC’s Jeff Kallman says a final farewell to the notable major league players who passed away in 2020. Complete Story

It’s Time For the NFL to “Cross Over”

Sports PhotoSince 1996, the CFL has used a “crossover” playoff format that makes it virtually impossible for a team that misses the playoffs to have finished with a better record than a team that made it. Here is why the NFL needs to move in the same direction. Complete Story

How to Expand the Playoff the Right Way

Sports PhotoAfter another set of blowouts in the college football semifinals with any late-game drama confined to gambling, SC’s Ross Lancaster has finally realized that it’s time to change the College Football Playoff. He looks at how it can be expanded, but not to the eight teams that many want. Complete Story

Phil Niekro, RIP: Great Pitcher, Better Friend

Sports PhotoThe Hall of Fame knuckleballer who died at 81 recently made friends of the game and those who love it, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 17

Sports PhotoThe Browns search for a playoff berth, while the Colts try to “unchoke” their way in. “Lamar Jackson Math” says “IV equals No. 2,” the Seahawks lean on the “LOB Minus” defense, John Wolford makes a cameo, and the NFC East title is up for grabs. Complete Story

Let the Records Show…

Sports Photo… what we with hearts, guts, and brains knew for ages: Negro Leaguers were major leaguers, dammit, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

17 Games is Coming … And So Should Playoff Changes

Sports PhotoThe NFL owners wasted little time in going to the 17-game schedule. But now they need to spend some time fixing a playoff seeding format that will be more broke than ever unless something is done. Complete Story

NBA Tip-Off: All Up in Their Feelings

Sports PhotoThe 2020-21 NBA season has barely started, but some of the biggest early headlines are eliciting big-time emotions from those involved … and those who follow. SC’s Jonathan Lowe digs into the feelings that are being stirred up. Complete Story

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