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NBA Playing With a Popped Bubble

Sports PhotoAnother sports season is getting ready to start inside the calendar year of 2020. As the NBA is set to begin, SC’s Jonathan Lowe continues to wonder about the COVID effect that hasn’t been mitigated yet. Complete Story

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Two Miracle Mets Committed to One Pension Repair

Sports PhotoFormer New York Mets outfielder Rod Gaspar and former infielder Bobby Pfeil tell SC’s Jeff Kallman they hope Major League Baseball will un-freeze short-career, 1949-80 players into the game’s pension plan. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 12

Sports PhotoThe Patriots “Sack of S” pass rush tries to pressure Kyler Murray, while the Browns try to hold on to “sloppy seconds” in the AFC North. A new shoe deal makes Taysom Hill the “K-Swiss Army Knife,” and the Chiefs try to send Tom Brady out to pasture. Complete Story

Week 12 College Football Picks

Sports PhotoThis week in the Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane sets his gamblin’ eye back on college football, handicapping games, plus a bet in … what sport? Read on to find out! Complete Story

What Can Be Done About the “NFC Least”

Sports PhotoEverybody is talking about the “NFC Least,” but nobody wants to do anything about it — except for SC’s Anthony Brancato, who offers three suggestions which, if implemented, will go a long way toward preventing this from happening again. Complete Story

Could Another 108-Year Drought Be Snapped?

Sports PhotoAs we head into the last week in November, it’s not Oklahoma or Texas leading the Big 12. SC’s Jean Neuberger questions whether the Iowa State Cyclones can take the next step from a consistent winner into … finally … a conference champion. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 11

Sports PhotoThe Titans and Ravens clash in Baltimore, while Joe Namath refuses to guarantee a Jets victory against the Chargers. The Chiefs run circles around the Raiders, and the Bucs throw Antonio Brown at the Rams. Complete Story

Kim Ng, Inside the Box

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says the Miami Marlins hiring Kim Ng as their new general manager is one giant leap for womanhood, but not as far outside the box as you might think. Complete Story

Were the 2019 49ers a Flash in the Pan?

Sports PhotoAfter logging their first winning season in six years in 2019, and getting to Super Bowl LIV, the 49ers seem destined for a top-10 or even top-five pick in the 2021 draft. But will that help them become a serious contender to reach Super Bowl LVI? Both history and SC’s Anthony Brancato say it won’t. Complete Story

College Basketball 2020-21: What’s This Going to Look Like?

Sports PhotoThere’s no way around it — college basketball this season is going to be different during the pandemic, writes SC’s Ross Lancaster. He looks at what we can expect from an abbreviated season. Complete Story

Changes in the Air For Big Boxing Events

Sports PhotoIn this edition of the Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane looks at the fallout from the news that Canelo Alvarez has become a free agent, with a little primer on how boxing promotions and broadcasting work. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 10

Sports PhotoTom Brady sheds the ‘scape GOAT’ label as the Bucs host the Panthers, while the Cardinals try not to come up short versus the Bills. If Russell Wilson “cooks,” then Jared Goff ‘microwaves,” and the Bears offense gets inspired by a Buddy Ryan punch to the face. It’s Week 10! Complete Story

2020 CFP: New Year, Same Teams

Sports PhotoSC’s Steve Brenna doesn’t see a whole lot to look forward to as far as the CFP race, with the usual suspects lined up to once again take the stage in January. Can anyone manage a ranking-shifting upset? Complete Story

What’s the Future Hold For Ovechkin?

Sports PhotoOver the past two decades, Alexander Ovechkin has been one of the NHL’s greatest scorers. Throughout his professional career, the 35-year-old has played for just two teams, Moscow and Washington. Where will he finish? Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Phoenix

Sports PhotoChase Elliott drove from the rear to the front at Phoenix, outlasting his three challengers to win his first Cup championship. Brad Keselowski finished 2nd, Joey Logano finished 3rd, and Denny Hamlin took 4th. Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s rankings! Complete Story

DH Spreading to NL? Owners Want Quid Pro Quo

Sports PhotoBaseball’s players’ union wants the National League to adopt the designated hitter permanently, but the union strangely balks at the owners’ desire to expand the playoff field. Like just about everywhere except politics, there’s room for compromise. Complete Story

The New Mets Owner Asks Fans For Input

Sports PhotoSteve Cohen held a Tweet and greet last weekend asking Met fans for their suggestions. SC’s Jeff Kallman has one of his own — toward addressing a redress of the 1980 player pension re-alignment. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 9

Sports PhotoRussell Wilson “cooks” in Buffalo, but it’s not meth, and the Chargers try to prevent a lead, and a lung, from collapsing. Adam Gase eyes the Arena League, and Antonio Brown makes an appearance that’s not in a courtroom. Check out Week 9’s predictions! Complete Story

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