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Columns - Real Sports News

By Eric Scherer
Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
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Real Sports News

Real Sports News is a fictional, satirical sports column produced by a number of unruly and disrespectful "reporters" who are just barely kept in line by their editor, Eric Scherer. For more information, please visit RealSportsNews.com.

Updated Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Previous Editions

It's a wonder Kenyans "ain't been 'et" 01/01/04
Jay Fiedler's father was either a bat or Yoda 12/20/03
Drumline comes to cable just in time to annoy jocks 12/18/03
Surfer dude receives prestigious "Gnarly" Award 12/16/03
'Melo to endorse revamped Mellow Yellow 12/13/03
Pac-10 fan: Who does the Big 12 keep (servicing) to get into championship game? 12/11/03
New book on NBA tattoos reveals players thoughts 12/09/03
LT cries remembering pet death, lost fortune 12/06/03
NASA to study Gene Keady's space-age hair 12/04/03
Howie Long tests positive for THG 11/25/03
Cris Carter is a real live ventriloquist dummy 11/22/03
Dartboard to be added to BCS selection criteria 11/20/03
Paterno spotted in "confused elderly" infomercial 11/18/03
Infamous Cubs fan first to volunteer for face transplant 11/15/03
College students invent new alternative energy: couches 11/13/03
Delirious, delusional Lakers' fans applaud Kobe 11/11/03
Manning's "mooning" lawsuit least of his legal woes 11/08/03
Lombardi grave glows during "Monday Night at the Mic" 11/06/03
Rock, paper, scissors champ involved in THG scandal 11/04/03
Kobe, Shaq tangle in "bitch-slap" fight 11/01/03
Pat Riley quits after Miami runs out of hair grease 10/30/03
Cheerleader squad, subpoenaed in BALCO scandal, erupts 10/28/03
Aging Rodman disappoints fans following motorcycle crash 10/25/03
Cubs' fan accepts free "three hour tour" on Lake Michigan 10/23/03
Zimmer ponders comeback - as sack of corn 10/21/03
Cubs' fan been waiting for success for months 10/18/03
Cubs' Clement first Chia Pet to break into majors 10/16/03
Romo retires over ... a concussion? 10/07/03
Pigs fly, hell freezes, Cubs and Red Sox in playoffs 10/04/03
Spiky-Haired Harpy unloads on Rams 10/02/03

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