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sindy 09-27-2001 05:54 PM

Sindys Topless Picks Sept 30th
Hi Guys I had another profitable week going 3-2
season record 6-3-1
My Week 3 top(less) picks are:
Cleveland at Jacksonville
The Jaguarsí defense is really playing stiff. They have not allowed a single touchdown in their first 2 games.
Iíll take the Jags Ė9

Indianapolis at New England
Indianapolis has a red hot QB in Manning right now. For the second game in a row he helped lead the Colts past the 40-point mark.
with Bledsoe out.
I like Indi Ė11.5

Tampa Bay at Minnesota
The Vikings are having their first 0-2 start since 1984.
But quarterback Culpepper and receivers Moss and Carter are due for a return to their explosive ways.
My wager is on Minnesota +2.5 points,

Cincinati at San Diego
Cincinnati no longer looks like the laughingstock of the league.
The Bengalís' hard-earned 21-10 victory over the Super Bowl champion Ravens
Was no fluke.
Iíll take the underdog Bengalís +6.5

49ers at N.Y. Jets
This one should be a close shave which I know all about
Iím all over the 49ers +3.5


Marc 09-27-2001 06:31 PM

Hi, sindy! :) Good to see you back this week.

Could you post your picks in our official Pick'em game? It's easy and instructions are posted there. Thanks.

sindy 10-03-2001 01:59 AM

Hi guys

I sucked all weekend going 2-3
But I will get off my knees and be back
next week with more topless picks


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