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catman 01-06-2016 11:20 PM

Griffey and Piazza in the Hall of Fame
Griffey got all but 3 votes (who failed to vote for them? They should have their membership in the BBWA revoked). Piazza is the lowest draft pick to ever make it. He was a 62nd round pick. Griffey was the first #1 overall pick to make it.

Marc 01-07-2016 04:52 PM

No-brainers, well deserved!

Anthony 01-31-2016 12:09 PM

And that dirtbag game-fixer Pete Rose still sniffing a bicycle seat.

I love it!

da2281 02-19-2016 02:00 PM

Definitely well deserved, amazing that he was the first #1 pick to ever go to Cooperstown!!!

da2281 03-04-2016 08:07 PM

Unreal Griffey was the first #1 pick voted into the Hall!! Next up Bryce far as #1 picks?

glenn 07-19-2016 06:39 AM

Well not if Johnny Bench has a say, Harper won't make it to the hall

Traideckon 09-01-2016 06:14 AM

Harper won't make it to the hall of course!

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