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cubfan13 11-21-2004 05:09 PM

Coaches get to much direspect, Expected to do to much
These days coaches get to much to worry about besides X's and O's. Back in the day they didn't have anything to worry about. No players asking for two months off so they can record a rap album, no players in steroid scandals, few corked bat controversies, no dancing on the Dallas star, football signing, pulling down signs, X-rated commercial actors, no beer bottle throwing fans, no drunken, cussing, DUI stars, no I'm going to retire, oh wait, no I'm not athletes, they just had to coach. These days when anything goes wrong with a team, everyone jumps on the band wagon and blames the guy in the coaches office. Sometimes it may be true that a teams performance doesn't even come close to the potential it has. But that usually means that the athletes aren't playing 100%.

When Phil Jackson was coaching the Bulls to six NBA championships all he had to worry about was one 1.8 second lapse by a normally calm star, a retired, then not star, and a star with funny hair. When fans get angry at an offensive coordinator for running the football on a third-and long, that's okay. But, when a present day fan of the Bulls wrote, “If the Bulls need to make a change, they should start with the head coach. Scott Skiles should be fired and replaced with a coach who can motivate his players.” He should be fired because he can't motivate his players? Why should coaches get fired for not motivating there players? Also, how do you know that the next coach is going to be better if he hasn't proved anything?

Joe Gibbs getting booed? Joe Paterno getting forced into retirement? Is, “In Dusty We Trusty,” no more because of a 89-73 injury and controversy plagued season? The players are the ones with the puck, ball, or bat in their hands not the coach. The coach isn't the one throwing the interceptions, striking out, committing errors, fouls, and lapses on the field. Redskins QB's have combined for 10 TD's and 11 interceptions. 10 to 11 ratio? That's horrible especially since one of those touchdowns where by Clinton Portis. Gibbs didn't throw those interceptions.

Look at it this way the Bulls have changed coaches three times since the Phil Jackson era, did changing coaches ever work yet? No, and it won't until they have the talent to win. You shouldn't expect that just a coach is going to turn a team around, that's like saying a counselor is the only reason people overcome alcoholism. The alcoholic must put forth a honest effort or it won't work.

Players take all the credit when the team is winning and blame it on somebody else, usually the coach, when the team is playing poorly. I will never be one to blame a coach for losing instead of players and management unless he or she truly and clearly has downgraded a teams quality throw play calling and improving the athletes abilities. This band wagon should be pulled over and arrested.

Noon 11-21-2004 05:26 PM

NBA coaches make up to $7 million a year, not to mention the hoards of assistants and resources available now that weren't "back in the day."

If they can't take a little criticism or adversity for $7 million, then get out of the way. There are plenty of other guys willing to step up and take the job and the paycheck.

Scott Skiles can't motivate his players. The Bulls are horrible. Is it entirely his fault? No, but he's not without blame. Same with Joe Gibbs; he didn't throw the 11 INT's, but his unwillingness to pull an obviously overwhelmed Mark Brunell was a big part of the horrible Redskins offense.

cubfan13 11-21-2004 06:25 PM

you know what i'm actually going to side with you on this one:bow:



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